Afternoon Coffee: China’s Economic Slowdown Hits Asia, US Exports


China’s economic woes are hitting other Asian countries. South Korea exports tumbled 14.7% in August compared to the same month in 2014 as demand from China, it largest trading partner, fell. And, exports from the US are also expected to fall this year amid the Chinese slowing economy. Volume of US containerized exports is expected to drop 2.4% in 2015. In the first quarter of the year, containerized exports declined 8.3%. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

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New Research: Emerging Compliance Management Intermediaries in Classifying the Independent Workforce

independent workforce

Uber and Postmates, among other platform companies, are contributing wonderful services to the public but are also presenting a new crisis in terms of worker classification. Andrew Karpie, research analyst, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, recently teamed up with MBO Partners for the new research brief, Understanding the Current Worker Classification Crisis, the New Independent Workforce, and What It Is Not – The Emergence of the Compliance Management Intermediary. Get your full copy today!

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