Will Real-Time Payments Replace Cards? Majority of Merchants Worldwide Think So

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Merchants around the world are warming up to real-time payment, with 77% expecting that it will eventually replace payment cards, according to a recent survey conducted by Ovum and ACI Worldwide. Survey respondents based in the Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium are particularly sanguine on the adoption of real-time payment. A real-time payment system, as the name suggests, lets one use a smartphone, digital wallet or other channel to conduct interbank electronic transfers instantaneously so that the received funds would be immediately accessible

Cyber, Political Resilience Rankings Shuffle in Latest FM Global Resilience Index

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FM Global released Wednesday its 2018 Resilience Index. While overall resilience rankings have remained largely unchanged from 2017, cyber and political resilience rankings have shifted. The Global Resilience Index is an annual ranking of 130 countries and regions according to 12 economic, risk and supply chain factors, which include supply chain visibility, supplier quality and rate of urbanization, in addition to the aforementioned cyber and political risk.

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