Icertis Finally Releases AI-Based Contract Analytics: Is The CLM Death Star Now Complete?

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Pardon the “Star Wars” reference, but I’m excited about the new Han Solo movie. AI is one of the few critical differentiators within the CLM space, and there’s not a hotter CLM pure-play provider than Icertis. Eighteen months ago, we wrote a four-part series about AI in contract management that explained the various value propositions of AI in the CLM space. In the first installment, we mentioned Icertis, but had to add a caveat to the mention. As of Tuesday, however, we’re going to have to finally update that post, as Icertis has added two new AI-powered apps to its offering.

Ivalua’s Workflow Engine: The Connective Tissue of a Standout Source-to-Pay Capability

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our series The Featured Feature, where we explore unique technology capabilities that differentiate procurement solution providers. Read our introductory post to learn more.

Behind every module in a source-to-pay suite is a business process that organizations want to improve. Standout software offerings, therefore, do much more than merely digitize processes such as sourcing or invoice validation. At their best, these tools enable entirely new ways of managing actions and communicating throughout the source-to-pay process, both internally between procurement and its stakeholders and throughout the supply chain with various third parties. It’s no surprise, then, that when comparing features that differentiate source-to-pay table stakes from the winning hand, Ivalua’s workflow engine is a frequent mention.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement