Holiday Season Tip: Improve Communication Within Your Supply Chain Organization

supply chain

Shipping delays, inventory issues, changes in demand — such supply chain disruptions are inevitable at this time of year. Companies don’t always know what specific challenge their supply chain will face during the holidays, but they do know they will likely face some complication. Organizations must be able to act quickly when a problem arises, and that responsiveness is possible only when information flows more freely throughout an organization.

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Tradeshift Buy: Rethinking Transactional Procurement [PRO]

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In our first installment of this Spend Matters PRO research series on Tradeshift Buy, we explored the release of the application following Tradeshift’s acquisition of Merchantry. We also began to examine some of the secret platform sauce embedded within the Tradeshift Product Engine and, by extension, Tradeshift Shop. In this installment, we continue to examine Tradeshift’s approach to purchase to pay (P2P) including its “Buy Anywhere” feature. We also delve into how Tradeshift is driving demand to its network and how Tradeshift Buy expands its core P2P value proposition by integrating related modules and apps. We conclude our coverage by identifying the application’s strengths and opportunities.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement