Jaggaer, JP Morgan partner up; KPMG nabs new 3P vulnerability tech patent; China looks to buy U.S. agro products

Jaggaer, a spend management solutions provider, recently announced a partnership with J.P. Morgan to “deliver a Single-Use Accounts (SUA) virtual commercial card that is fully integrated with the Jaggaer ONE spend management platform." The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded KPMG a new patent "for performing signals processing, dynamic analysis, and forecasting of risk." And some China companies were looking at purchasing farm products from certain U.S. exporters. Afternoon Coffee: exporting the latest procurement and supply chain news direct to you.

3 Reasons Smaller Consultancies Can Compete with Traditional Consulting — Procurement Take Note

Bigger is not always better. Yet traditionally, the view is that a bigger business has, presumably, offered scale advantages and stability. But reliance on small professional services providers across many categories (creative, IT, engineering, business consulting) has been increasing for a variety of reasons — like hyper-dynamic market environments, the need for ever-changing specialized expertise and the reasons covered in this article: outcomes-based approach, new technology tools and lower costs/faster results.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement