The Mass Customization of Procurement – and Mass Personalization of Procurement Systems

- April 14, 2014 10:12 AM | Categories: Procurement Strategy & Planning

file0001635293278 If you want to dive into some of the aspects of how procurement systems are becoming mass customized, or should I say, mass personalized, then please join me and Ivalua on this webinar! It's today from 12 to 1 pm CDT. Mass customization not only affects direct procurement in terms of how procurement works with suppliers to accommodate such a flexible type of supply chain model, but it also has an impact on the procurement function internally.

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Coupa and — Partnership Analysis, Implications, and User Recommendations [PRO]

- April 16, 2014 9:53 AM | Categories: Industry News, Sourcing, Supplier Management

Earlier today, Coupa announced it was partnering with, a company that was once really just a directory service for global suppliers. It has since become as diverse in its holdings (if not more so) than eBay. The purpose of the partnership seems straightforward, but Spend Matters has found that Alibaba overplays its own usefulness in the Fortune 500 as it markets to Chinese suppliers. Alibaba’s supplier listings, catalogs, and directories might be more useful for smaller buying organizations. Potential users of integrated search services connected with source-to-pay applications would do well to consider a number of factors to gauge the actual usefulness of the relationships. Read on for these recommendations, as well as our detailed analysis of the deal.

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Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement