Afternoon Coffee: China Announces Retaliatory Tariffs, Iowa’s Soybean Farmers May Lose Up to $624M


Another day, another step closer to a U.S.-China trade war. The Wall Street Journal reports that China has announced retaliatory tariffs “by targeting high-value American exports—including farm products, cars and crude oil.” On Friday, the Trump administration had announced that it would impose 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese products. In a tit-for-tat move, China will impose 25% tariffs on $50 billion in U.S. goods. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest news in supply chain and procurement.

SRM Provider Kodiak Rating to Develop Blockchain to Improve Supply Chain Transparency

blockchain enzozo/Adobe Stock

The Stockholm-based supplier relationship management provider Kodiak Rating announced that it will apply blockchain technology to improve supply chain transparency and traceability and to better manage supplier risk. Research and development will be supported by a 800,000 SEK grant (approximately $92,000) that was recently awarded to Kodiak Rating by Vinnova, a federal agency under Sweden’s Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement