Mobile Procurement and the Modern Construction Company

- September 19, 2014 2:44 PM | Categories: Guest Post

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Vroozi. In some industries, the majority of the company works outside their office most of the time. It’s the nature of the business—and a necessity to their employees—to embrace the demands of a mobile business operation. When a company operates largely on the road, they need a solution as mobile as they are. For procuring items on-the-go, modern organizations are taking advantage of mobile procurement platforms for their searchability, ease-of-use, and simplified order process. Let’s look at an example: Bill owns and manages a construction company that knows no other way but to fully immerse itself in a mobile business plan. His reputable business has been around for more than 30 years and performs hundreds of projects annually.

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Pabst Brewing Company Acquired by Russia’s Oasis Beverages, Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down, Home Depot Sees Major Card Breach

- September 19, 2014 1:03 PM | Categories: Afternoon Coffee

There’s a blue ribbon on it for a reason, right? Russia’s Oasis Beverages announced this week that it will be acquiring the American brewing company Pabst Blue Ribbon. Forget Target’s card breach during the holidays, Home Depot has said that 56 million cards may have been compromised in the past five months. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest news in supply chain and procurement.

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Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement