Americans Eat 800+ Hot Dogs on Memorial Day and Other (Less Gross) Stats on The Holiday Weekend


Americans will consume more than 800 hot dogs per second this weekend. Think about that. Per second. But hey, it’s Memorial Day! It’s the “unofficial” start of summer. And, I bet in addition to us honoring our veterans, a bunch of us are partaking in some barbecuing and probably, as the statistic above shows, eating a hot dog. We share some other statistics about this weekend, including how many people are traveling by car, what drivers should expect to pay for gas and which products shoppers should avoid buying. Hope you are enjoying the holiday!

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Guide to Solution Providers: A Spend Matters PRO Round Up


Spend Matters PRO has been chock-full lately of in-depth analysis on solution providers. In case you missed any of these multi-part series, or are still trying to decide on the best provider for your procurement organization and want a refresher course, here is a round up of some of these premium posts. Included in this round up are deep dives on spend management solution providers Unimarket and SciQuest, e-sourcing solution provider Intesource and CPQ and contract management solutions provider Apttus.

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