Get Your Priorities Straight, Procurement! [Plus+]


Back at the beginning of 2014, Peter Smith, chief research officer and managing director of Spend Matters UK/Europe and Public Spend Matters Europe, identified the top five things procurement professionals should focus on for the coming year. He reflected on these priorities in another one of our popular Ask the Expert webinars: Ask the Expert: 5 Priorities for Procurement Leaders in 2014. This top five list may have been based on trends at the time, but it remains relevant today for a procurement organization to continue creating value for its company, to innovate and improve.

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The Future and Promise of E-Procurement

All technologies follow a natural progression, beginning with conception and followed by iterations of improvement. In some rare cases, these iterations compound until they accelerate to the point of exponential innovation. In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen more technologies — from computing power to rocketry — reach this upper echelon of development. Now it’s procurement’s turn.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement