Afternoon Coffee: Target Acquires Same-Day Delivery Service Shipt, Tradeshift Partners with Infosys BPO

Target has acquired Shipt, a service that delivers groceries on the same day they’re ordered, for $550 million. Tradeshift announced Tuesday it had formed a partnership with Infosys BPO. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

Former Boeing VP John Byrne on How the OEM Optimized its Direct Materials Supply Chain Visibility

MRO alhim/Adobe Stock

If you’re a direct materials procurement professional, what would force you to change the way you do business? For John Byrne, former vice president of aircraft materials/structures at Boeing, it was nothing short of a supply chain emergency. “The situation we faced at Boeing was initially borne out of a situation driven by a crisis,” Byrne said in the recent webinar “Supercharge Your Approach: Managing Direct Materials Across Global Supply Chains,” hosted by our sister site, MetalMiner.

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