2015 Will be the Year of the Chief Buzzword Officer

- January 23, 2015 2:28 AM | Categories: Commentary, Friday Rant, Procurement

The 2015 prediction season is thankfully winding down. We, too, are wrapping up our predictions, many of which are really a continuation of some 2014 predictions, and, like other predictions, are updates on some trends that get extrapolated forward. We don’t fashion ourselves as “futurists,” and if we did, we’d have to incur Dr. Lamoureaux’s wrath on the topic and also on predictions in general. Anyway, prediction season is a good time for providers and pundits to invent new buzzwords that try to encapsulate a trend, but more specifically, also try to support a new concept or marketing push that they like. So, for an analyst firm, this might go something like: “Supplier Management is dead: Long Live Supply Base Management!” or “It’s time for Procurement 4.0!”

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What’s in Store For Procurement in 2015? Check Out Our Recent ‘Ask the Expert’ Webinars!

- January 24, 2015 8:21 AM | Categories: Analysis, Commentary, Learning / Research

Have you been keeping up with our 2015 procurement predictions? During the last few months, the Spend Matters Analyst Team has been sharing their top predictions for the new year. And, in January, we started a special Ask The Expert webinar series going over these predictions. The webinars, which can be listened to here on Spend Matters, include an overview of the predictions and expert commentary from Jason Busch, Pierre Mitchell and Thomas Kase. Check out our first 3 new year prediction webinars here.

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