Afternoon Coffee: Shutdown Averted But Border Wall Issue Headed for Court; U.S.-China Trade Deal Inches Closer

Congress on Thursday approved funding to keep the government running but the legislation didn’t include money for a wall, leading to the president on Friday to declare an emergency and seek funding on his own from other budgets — a move that will be challenged in court, the Associated Press reports. And negotiators in U.S.-China trade talks report that they’re slowing moving toward a broad agreement, The Wall Street Journal reports. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

How Client Relationship Management (CRM) is Different for Government Contracting

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Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Public Spend Forum, a sister site.

If you are used to private-sector sales, there are many differences to acquaint yourself with when transitioning to selling to government agencies, and the learning curve can be time consuming. Some of the successful sales and marketing tactics used in the commercial market do not work as well in government contracting. In fact, even the term “sales” is replaced with “capture management.” If you plan to transition and succeed in government contracting, it’s important that your client relationship management system (CRM) is set up to accommodate these differences to capture the business processes and data elements needed for government capture management.

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