Trying to Keep up with Sourcing Innovation

Michael Lamoureux, the editor of the blog Sourcing Innovation, has been keeping up a great blogging pace of late with detailed posts on a variety of topics from spend visibility to training to advanced optimization and sourcing decision support. Michael probably writes more than almost anyone else I know in the sector (myself included) which is all the more remarkable given his day job as a technology architecture and development guru. His grasp of the written word is better than most English majors I know. And his knowledge about broad procurement technology is even more remarkable given his development and optimization focus on the dev level. I look forward to checking up on what Michael has to say everyday. You should too. I sincerely hope he keeps up his pace in the New Year because we'll all be the better for it. Incidentally, when Google executives talk about the power of a single top notch developer to deliver more value than a team of a dozen coders, they're referring to the rare breed of technologist like Michael (who somehow find time to code when they're not blogging at midnight).

Jason Busch

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