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- May 25, 2012 11:05 AM
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Say cheese (or, Facebook)!
Facebook’s Instagram Clone — Only about a month after agreeing to buy photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook Inc. FB -3.67% has moved ahead with the unveiling of its own app dubbed Camera. Facebook said in a blog post on Thursday that users of Camera can get a steady stream of photos from their contacts on the site, and sort through them with a few taps on an iPhone screen. The app is slated to be available on Apple’s App Store later in the day…

Well, now I have heard it all…
Man Ticketed for Dropping Money on the Ground — CLEVELAND — A random act of kindness lands a man in trouble with police.
Last Monday, May 14th John Davis was exiting I-90 at the West 117th ramp when he saw a man in a wheelchair. The man was pale, thin and holding a sign that had a religious sentiment and also a request for help. John thought to himself, “I think we’re all to help the less fortunate.” The middle class family man from Elyria works hard for a living and enjoys giving back especially to people who are physically challenged…

Pocket change.
Tim Cook turns down $75m dividend — Apple certainly isn’t a company that’s hurting for money right now, and the board decided to issue dividends to all employees holding stock back in March. The dividend will be issued at a value of $2.65 per share and is available to those who hold restricted stock units, typically issued to appease employees and keep them with the company for years to come. In an interesting twist, Tim Cook has declined his dividend, turning down $75 million in the process…

Would you pick up a pair?
Here’s what video shot with Google Glasses looks like — Most readers are likely aware of Project Glass, the endeavor from tech giant Google to create augmented-reality glasses. Turns out these shades are great for taking photos and capturing video, as showcased in the clip above and through images unveiled during the Google+ Photographer’s Conference in San Francisco…

Do you agree with him?
Gene Munster: 10 thoughts about how Apple gets to $1,000 — FORTUNE — Borrowing one of the oldest devices in print and online journalism, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster has boiled his thoughts about Apple (AAPL) into something like a top 10 list.
Munster is on record predicting that the company’s share price — which closed at $565.32 Thursday — will hit $1,000 within two years. Here are his 10 ideas about how it gets there…

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