Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

Retail IT in 2012 — Sourcing Professionals Take Note! (Part 1)

Spend Matters welcomes another guest post from NPI, a spend management consultancy, focused on delivering savings in the areas of IT, telecom, transportation and energy. Retailers will be increasing their IT spending in 2012 at a rate higher than many other industries. Why? Advancements in mobile shopping and customer experience delivery, as well as a need to maintain and refresh infrastructure, have shifted customer expectations and the competitive landscape. With IT spending on the rise, retail IT and sourcing professionals should avoid a few costly mistakes as they forge new vendor relationships and manage new ones: Not challenging annual maintenance […]

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Peter Smith on the EU procurement situation. More on the EU proposed procurement regulation changes – part 1 -- The whole document runs to 246 pages, and on reading – well, most of it (available here EU procurement regs), it strikes us that this is more important than we might have expected. In fact, this looks like the most significant set of changes for many years. We suspect no single country will have got everything they wanted (probably rightly) – and it's interesting that while the UK Government will be broadly happy, there are a few aspects that may not […]

Prioritizing the Need for Contract Management Systems Integration in SAP Environments

This post is based on a recent Spend Matters Perspective: Sourcing, Contract Management, and Supplier Management Cloud -- Business Users Benefit From Savings Enablement. You can download the full research report for free via the previous link (registration required). Contract management technology can bring significant benefit to procurement, legal and sales organizations. Not only can effective contract management technologies help organizations implement savings programs more quickly by closely linking the sourcing and contracting process -- including having T&Cs from within an RFx cascade into a contract after an award decision is made -- but they can also allow companies to […]

Sourcing Metals (and Other Commodities) as The Euro Craters (Part 1)

Here at Spend Matters, we've spent quite a bit of time lately giving consideration to twenty sourcing, supplier management and related strategies companies are likely to take in the context of the falling euro (see our initial two posts in the series here and here). Yet much of the credit for these strategies, to be fair, should go to the sourcing experts at our sister site MetalMiner, including Lisa Reisman (my better half) and Stuart Burns (our UK-based metals sourcing expert and the often behind-the-scenes but ever present third owner/partner in our parent company). Not to be outdone by Spend […]

ISM Acquires ADR North America: Training, Consulting, China, and Beyond (Part 1)

Last week, ISM quietly announced via the newswire (without a note to its members), that it had acquired the North American practice and assets of ADR (ADR North America), inclusive of ADR North America's China business. My UK colleague Peter Smith (a former CIPS chairman) and I had the chance to catch up with ISM's Paul Novak (CEO ISM, ISM Services, Inc. and ADR-ISM China) and Bill Michels (President, ADR North America, President ADR-ISM China and ISM Senior Vice President) following the acquisition. Curiously, we both learned about the deal not from ISM (or the newswire), but from other contacts. […]