Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

What's Up With Legal Fee Negotiations?

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Danny Ertel of Vantage Partners. A lot has been written about the death of the billable hour and the rise of new alternative billing arrangements (AFAs), with a recent survey reporting that 95% of all firms, and 100% of firms with over 250 lawyers, are using AFAs in some way, shape or form. But the percentage of revenue accounted for by AFAs remains low and two-thirds of the firms using AFAs acknowledge that they are doing so only reactively. And when they were not talking with clients about AFAs, many large firms have […]

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Getting ready for Commodity Edge! Free Report on Commodity Volatility -- We here at MetalMiner and Spend Matters have selected some of what we think are the most helpful posts and articles tackling the subject of commodity volatility. This compendium serves as a companion piece to our upcoming Commodity Edge: Sourcing Intelligence for the New Normal conference to be hold March 19 and 20 in Chicago. Participants will also learn ways to manage the P&L, create longer forward-price visibility, reduce risk and ensure ongoing continuity of supply. Amazing. Scarcity of Women Leads Men to Spend More, Save Less -- To […]

Healthcare Matters Round-Up

Tom's been talking everything from politics to private label strategy. Go get your fill! What is Your Private Label Strategy? Does it Fit with Your Distributors', GPOs' and Favorite Manufacturers'? -- At every level of the supply chain, private labeling strategies have been kicked around for years. Branded manufacturers do it as a way to further leverage their manufacturing assets and grab some incremental share in mature product markets, but they're very careful about it. And ironically, major distributors often do it as a way to establish and/or enhance their brand equity. Most everyone else does it to make more […]

Solving the Jobs Problem Requires Rethinking Basic Policy — Not More Complicated Tax Codes (Part 1)

Over on Procurement Leaders blog, my old friend Paul Teague recently touched on the issue of jobs growth and creation, especially in the context of re-shoring manufacturing work from East to West. In his post, Paul mentions that President Obama is about to "make a big pitch for legislation to allow tax breaks for companies that insource jobs back to the US ... [and in a recent] weekly radio address, he pleaded with manufacturers to bring jobs back home, saying they should ask what they can do to bring jobs back to the country that made them successful." Paul then […]

ThomasNet and Ariba Partner: A Minor Breakthrough in Network Cooperation (Part 1)

Last week, Ariba and ThomasNet announced a new partnership to expose the ThomasNet directory of suppliers (paid advertisers) to buying organizations using Ariba Discovery. While terms of the deal were not disclosed around how ThomasNet Discovery suppliers will pay to show up in searches and respond to RFPs on Ariba Discovery -- let alone more complicated fee scenarios, such as when a supplier is a supplier on both systems but is discovered via a search on Ariba Discovery rather than the ThomasNet portal and must pay to respond to individual RFPs based on their lower-level Standard or Advantage-level membership with […]