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Ushering in a New Year: Wishing For Innovation and Expecting Change Under the Hood

Spend Matters welcomes some holiday thoughts and New Year's wishes from Danny Ertel, a founding partner of Vantage Partners and a consultant in legal process outsourcing, relationship management strategies, and negotiation techniques. 'Tis the holiday season, at least in the West, with Christmas (and Boxing Day) ever so recently behind us, and Hannukah and Kwanzaa still very much in evidence. What better time to make a wish, for both the practice and business of law. I'll tee up some aspirations here, and follow next week with my views for what we can realistically expect from 2012. Given that these are […]

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

ISM acquires ADR North America. ISM Expands Service Offerings by Acquiring ADR North America -- Looked for detailed coverage of ISM's new for-profit subsidiary and ADR acquisition on Spend Matters this week -- ISM has taken a significant step to amplify its capacity for delivering customized professional development, consulting and skills assessments to the world's leading companies and supply management organizations. ISM has invested in the consulting firm ADR North America (ADR NA). ADR NA will continue to operate under its own name, providing a full range of supply management consulting, including baseline assessments, transformations of supply management operations, coordination […]

GEP Acquires Enporion — Procurement BPO and Software Consolidation Continues

Earlier today, GEP -- a fast growing procurement BPO, software and services firm and the provider formerly known Global eProcure -- announced it had acquired Enporion, a specialist vendor targeting the utilities industry with surprisingly broad (given its size) software capabilities spanning the source-to-pay spectrum (and beyond). Over the years, Spend Matters has had numerous interactions, demonstrations and briefings with Enporion, and overall, we came away surprised by the depth and breadth of their capabilities, including solutions that could be put to good use outside their original charter and focus targeting the utilities industry. The deal is the latest in […]

Federal Procurement: Strategic Sourcing/Leveraged Buying/Multiple Award Schedules Required (Part 2)

In the first post in this series, we considered some of the higher level reasons government purchasing authorities should work to leverage some of the same general strategic sourcing and supply base consolidation techniques as the private sector, inclusive of complex services categories such as printing. Yet the mere existence of a centralized contract or buying framework does not imply that behaviors will change at the frontlines of department and agency purchasing decisions. But a recent Executive Gov article suggests indirectly that it's important to compel those that make buying decisions to justify the reasons for not leveraging a centralized […]

20 Ways the Falling Euro May Impact Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies (Part 2)

Please click here for the first post in this series. Continuing on with our laundry -- or would that be euro laundered -- list of the 20 ways the falling Euro and Eurozone volatility may impact sourcing, procurement and supply chain strategies in 2012 and beyond, we'll keep exploring a number of broad-based sourcing, contracting and hedging strategies. Check back later this week as we begin to explore the implications of related supplier management and supply chain risk strategies based on the crisis, plus the technology considerations and investments companies should consider given the situation at hand (in particular, we […]