Monthly Archives: October 2012

GRC and Supplier Management: Clearing up the Confusion

The ability to address “risk” in all its multi-faceted glory is found in so many tools. Within procurement, we can address it in spend analytics, sourcing, vendor selection, ongoing supplier development management, contracts – including content and management process, policies, performance management, audits, CRM, regulations, product content, multi-tier and other third party content, and much more. We don’t see GRC solutions (and the types of people typically managing them) as capable of addressing this spectrum for procurement, at least not at this level.

The Genesis of a Firestorm – Managing Risk and Value in the Supply Base (Part 1)

The other week I attended the Managing Risk & Value forum held in Atlanta. Participants came from a range of firms – Brauer Aerospace & Defense, CP Kelco, DuPont, HD Supply, Home Depot and many others. The event was organized by Firestorm and Genesis, with the most famous draw being John Campi, currently Managing Partner at Genesis, formerly SVP Sourcing and Vendor Management at Home Depot, prior to this CPO at Chrysler, CPO at DuPont, and a series of procurement positions with other household names.