Monthly Archives: November 2012

How to Attack Marketing Spend (Part 4)

Next up on our list is the importance of Training: a topic that cuts two ways! While it’s highly unlikely anyone on the marketing team will need input from procurement around the creative side, they could likely benefit from a refresher on regular sourcing concepts such as core vs. non-core skill analysis, ABC or 80-20 analyses (even if marketing isn’t about inventory management, the segmentation approach still applies). Moreover, they could certainly benefit from learning how best to put modern procurement solutions to the best possible use (e.g., contract management, supplier management, analytics).

Strategic Sourcing: Criteria for Selecting an E-Sourcing Provider

Certain types of solutions are obviously best suited to specific organizational types. It’s our working hypothesis – which we’ve already spent many years validating through hands-on recommendations and selection processes – that certain organizations are likely a good fit for solutions from ERP providers. These organizations will typically place a greater emphasis, in the case of SAP, on solution suite integration (e.g., supplier management, contract management) over other areas like advanced bidding structure/formats, bid gathering, scenario analysis.