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What Procurement Events Should You Attend in 2013? (Part 1)

Procurement Leaders – I personally think Procurement Leaders events are the best investment one can make in procurement-specific conferences based on the fact that their format is typically (at least in the past) only a day long (or less) and the structure just works. And for networking with procurement executives and a more senior audience (from consultancies and vendors), PL stands alone.

How Are Social Networks Influencing Your IT Purchasing Process?

Spend Matters welcomes another guest post from NPI, a spend management consultancy, focused on delivering savings in the areas of IT, telecom and transportation. A recent article by CIO shows the increasing influence that social networking sites like LinkedIn are having on the IT purchasing process: "IT purchasing decisions can be daunting, but a new study by Forrester Research and LinkedIn finds that IT decision makers (ITDMs) are relying heavily on social networks to help them through the process. The study, "IT Purchasing Goes Social," surveyed 400 ITDMs across a range of industries throughout North America and finds that 85 […]

Afternoon Coffee: iHoliday, Walmart Strike Threat, Make Your Own Twinkies

All I want for Christmas...is Apple. U.S. Kids Continue to Look Forward to "iHoliday" -- When it comes to devices, kids' holiday wish lists are simple this year. The most-wanted gifts are predominantly from one company--Apple. According to a recent Nielsen study, Apple's popularity leading up to the holiday season continues a trend seen over the last couple of years, with American kids aged 6-12 generally more interested in the latest iOS offerings than other consumer electronics and gaming devices. "We feel they ought to move to a more progressive industrial relations approach. After all, they make enough money," he […]

Advanced Supplier Management: Advanced Closed Registration (Part 2)

This post is based on material contained in the following Spend Matters Compass Series research: Beyond One-Off Initiatives and a Virtual Vendor Master – Advanced Use Cases for Supplier Management. Please click here for Part 1 of this series. Another key element where advanced supplier management processes can support cross-procurement efforts includes contract management and services procurement (SOW) linkages. These types of integrations enable the dissemination of change orders, milestones, deliverables, and specifications. The ability to engage vendors directly via supplier management tools or integration with contract management systems (and in the case of services procurement, these are tightly connected […]

CPO Agenda Magazine to Close (Part 2)

Please click here for Part 1. It's undeniable that others will try to read into the closure of CPO Agenda as an indictment about the death of traditional media. In a comment on Peter Smith's post Pete Loughlin opines that "it's the 21st century and 'push' media – paper publications, TV and radio – are giving way to 'pull' media – online content largely created by those who sponsor community behavior. Old world publications talked at their target audience. The new world success stories are created by the target audience." A thoughtful perspective, but not one I completely agree with. […]

Hubwoo’s New Network Launch: Plumbing, Collaboration & More (Part 1)

Last week, Hubwoo announced its "3.0 launch" of its supplier network (Hubwoo refers to it as "The Business Network), a major new release that brings new capability and vision to their business-to-business network -- and for P2P networks in general, for that matter. Perhaps most important of all, the announced release represents the first major product launch that Hubwoo has made to differentiate itself from the SAP ecosystem post-Ariba, positioning its new capabilities to serve the broader P2P and supplier network marketplace including (but not limited to) enhancing SAP MM & SRM initiatives. Prior to the launch, Spend Matters got […]