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There is No Time Like the Present for Commercial Print Sourcing

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Jim Pfeiffer, a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal Business Consulting. Commercial print can be a complex category to manage but the rise in digital media has been accompanied by a reduction in commercial print demand. For consumers of commercial print, this represents an opportunity to drive cost reductions. The Opportunity The revolution in digital communications has taken a toll on commercial print demand. The advent of tablet computing promises to accelerate the reduction of certain kinds of printing – why buy a book or magazine when you can the same experience instantaneously […]

Is Procurement an Art or a Science?

Is procurement an art or a science? During the early part of my career, twenty years and more ago, it would certainly have been tempting to say “art.” Not that many of us were particularly creative, but there were certainly aspects of what we did that didn’t seem very scientific! Identifying suppliers was a pretty hit and miss affair in the days before supplier networks or even Google. Going through a sourcing process was often a case of collecting some paper-based proposals (in response to a requirement document) and then trying to analyse them in a way that made some sense (enough, at least, to convince the CPO that my recommendation was sound).

Afternoon Coffee: OB10 Partners with Infosys, Amazon Beats Apple, Factory Deaths in Bangladesh

Finance and Accounting Business Process Management Leader Integrates Invoice Automation into its Services Infosys BPO and OB10 Announce Strategic Partnership -- OB10, the e-Invoicing network, today announced a strategic partnership with Infosys BPO, the business process outsourcing subsidiary of Infosys Limited. This partnering of two best-of-breed companies will offer enhanced capabilities to the Finance and Accounting (F&A) business process management and process automation spaces. "In a poll of 1,136 executives, 58% said they admired Amazon most overall for the way it operates its supply chain." Amazon Beats Apple in Battle for Supply Chain Leadership -- Global poll of over 1,000 […]

Should We Fire Procurement and Supply Chain From Supply Chain Risk Management? (Part 1)

Procurement and supply chain are fields that should welcome debate and controversy more often. A topic that warrants not only a deeper level of discussion but potentially a re-org and up-skilling effort as well is supply chain risk management. The Spend Matters PRO Research Library is filled with over two dozen papers, analyses and research briefs on supplier management and risk, so we won't rehash our own thinking here. But we will share a controversial view voiced by Accenture's Carlos Alvarenga in an HBS blog on the topic: Why Quants Should Manage Your Supply Chain Risk. In the above-linked post, […]

13 for 2013: Procurement Talent Observations (Part 1)

A lot of our research work has made us realize that there is a significant disconnect between typical levels of expertise within procurement organizations, and actual talent requirements necessary to deliver the types of programs and results that executive management and shareholders increasingly expect from the function are hard to find. Moreover, the fact that we know three individuals that come from the procurement world (consultants and executives) who have somewhat recently gotten into procurement recruiting by starting their own executive search firms points to the fact that there is demand to up-skill the function. This topic definitely requires some […]

Monitor Group and Libya: The Consultant Interview and Perspective (Part 3)

Please click here for the first and second installments in this series. We've also covered the news of Monitor's bankruptcy extensively on our public site (here, here, and here) as well as on our subscription site, Spend Matters PRO, from an instructive supply risk and services procurement vantage point: Monitor Group Goes Bankrupt: Why Services Procurement and Risk Management Best Practices Matter. Drop Sheena a line for a free Spend Matters PRO trial: smoore@spendmatters.com. Jason Busch: So were you guys wrong in taking on the assignment? Did your firm and Monitor have an ethical lapse in judgment here? Jeremy: I […]