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Supplier Reduction Programmes: Pros and Cons (Part 3)

An excessively large supply base usually develops because of a lack of procurement spend visibility, control, or influence. Budget holders decide where and how to allocate their money, leading to fragmented and uncoordinated spend. Hence getting such situations under better management will bring a number of benefits, and an effective procurement programme, probably category management based, will be needed to address matters. And there’s no doubt that even today, most large organisations, in most categories, will find that the result of a well-planned and executed sourcing programme is fewer suppliers in that particular spend area.

Rare (Or Not So Rare?) Earths

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Vajid Idrees, at Mintec Ltd. Have you ever wondered how energy saving light bulbs shine, the permanent magnetics in consumer electronics attract and repel or how catalysts, catalyse? Well I haven't either, but I know that without rare earth metals the chances are that these applications products would not work as well as they do. Rare earth metals (REMs) are a group of 17 elements, consisting of the 15 lanthanides (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium and lutetium) plus scandium and yttrium. The name suggests […]

Afternoon Coffee: Gas Rationing, Holiday Shopping, Fashion Retailing, GMO Food in National Spotlight

Holiday shopping woes... A Storm-Battered Supply Chain Threatens Holiday Shopping -- In addition to shutting down shipping terminals and submerging warehouses, the storm also tangled up deliveries because of downed power lines, closed roads and scarce gasoline in parts of New York and New Jersey. The supply chain is backing up at a crucial time, just as retailers normally bring their final shipments into stores for the holiday shopping season, which retailers depend on for annual profitability. "...a line in the Bronx was three miles long, a National Guard spokesman said." A Slow Return to Normal Skips the Gas Station […]

Welcoming D&B as An Affiliate Sponsor and Supply Markets Intelligence Partner

We're excited to announce that D&B recently joined Spend Matters' sister-site MetalMiner, as a lead sponsor, and opted to maintain a presence on this site by becoming an affiliate sponsor. D&B is well known among procurement and supply chain practitioners, but actually not that well understood. Part of the challenge is that they're both an applications and data provider. Increasingly, D&B is making their supply risk, diversity, basic enrichment and related content more easily available through a range of third-parties including Ariba based on their new D&B Direct offering. Earlier this year, we noted that D&B's Direct offering provides: "...new […]

Services Procurement: Slaying the Sacred Audit Cow (Part 5)

Please click here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series. Sometimes soft factors matter as much as hard-dollar savings and value enhancement for stakeholder satisfaction in complex procurement categories. I'm reminded of just one case in the marketing spend area where marketing executives were able to truly see their relative spend performance in a competitive context jump out through a reporting suite that looked anything but a BI tool (the case, in fact, involved an agency – not the end customer!! – looking at competitive reporting software layered on top of a client's own […]

A Spend Matters Sponsor Shake-Up!

Spend Matters rarely has much movement in the sponsor areas. We have limited the number of sponsors at any one time since the site was launched eight years ago this month. Yet our sponsors tend to stick around for a while, which has created quite a bit of demand for those who want to come in (especially on the Associate level, which is usually the entry point for most). But we recently had a few changes (as you may have noticed). D&B, a long-time Spend Matters Lead Sponsor, has moved over to our sister-site MetalMiner as a Lead Sponsor there […]