Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

Ariba, SAP, OB10, IBX, Hubwoo and Basware: Are Supplier Networks Addressing Supplier Risk, Performance and Compliance?

Even in just providing basic infrastructure plumbing, supplier networks can provide significant value in areas like supplier enablement, catalog management and electronic invoicing. Moreover, networks can help organizations save time and money not only through avoiding manual steps and touch points (e.g., when on-boarding new suppliers as part of an AP/procurement eProcurement and payment initiative) but by leveraging a many-to-many approach in which suppliers only need to update basic information such as banking details, contact information, etc. in a single place (i.e., the network) which is then broadcast to all participating customers using it on the buy-side.

Afternoon Coffee: Election Day, Suzuki Abandons US Market, Has Procurement Employment Peaked?

FREE WSJ coverage of the election tonight. Enjoy Free WSJ Access on Election Day -- Our enhanced coverage includes: Real-time news updates, Live video coverage, Interactive graphics, Up-to-the-minute polling information, Plus the insights that have made us America's #1 newspaper. Join us as we track which states are red, which are blue, and why - all for free. "The decision to exit the market reflects challenges that include low sales, a limited number of models, high production costs, and stringent state and federal regulations..." Suzuki to Stop Selling Cars In U.S. After Three Decades -- Suzuki Motor Corp. said it […]

Supply Risk and Intellectual Property Theft (Part 1)

A few weeks back, I sat in on a fascinating (and downright scary) presentation at ProcureCon by MacDonnell Ulsch (Don), President & Chief Risk Analyst, ZeroPoint Risk Research, LLC. Don is one of the world's top experts on intellectual property and cyber security. In the spirit of hopefully encouraging Spend Matters readers to pay more attention to the supply risk and intellectual property (IP) theft we face through weaknesses in our IT and supply chain systems, I'll share some of my notes from his discussion. Don began by talking through his research and practice around the suprising range of sources […]

Procurement Savings in Manufacturing: Transition Suppliers

This series of posts is based on content, ideas and recommendations from the following Spend Matters Perspective: Making Sourcing Savings Stick: New (and Not-so-New) Strategies to Drive Savings Implementation. In fact, some of this paper's content was first published 10 years ago by Jason Busch, David Jungling, and Jay Odell, who were with FreeMarkets (at the time). While adapted for today's manufacturing environment, the ideas represent a timeless look at a topic that few companies are fully addressing through their procurement practices today. Let us begin by examining the question: How to transition business to new suppliers? This is one […]

Will the JDA and RedPrairie Legacy End in the Perfect Order or a Stock Out? (Part 1)

Last week, I quickly pieced together a Friday Rant which was somewhat critical – from a strategic standpoint solution standpoint – of the announced merger of JDA and RedPrairie. This of course says nothing for the financial synergies of a roll-up play where, at the right valuation, 1+1 can still equal three. Still, looking at products, it's hard to discount that JDA and RedPrairie could potentially become the one vendor to bridge the visibility, inventory and scheduling gap at all levels of the supply chain in CPG, retail, warehousing and distribution (if they get things right). But it won't be […]