Daily Archives: November 9, 2012

Friday Fun: Happy (Almost) 5th Birthday, MetalMiner!

As MetalMiner's 5th birthday approaches, we'd like to introduce you to the team behind the largest US metals trade publication. Just try to keep up, will you? A trim figure isn't free -- but this month, a few subscriptions to our metal pricing service, MetalMiner IndX, will be! Sign up to win a free subscription here. Check back on MetalMiner.com for an entire month of celebration, including more amazing videos like the one above as well as a ton of giveaways and prizes. Happy (upcoming) Birthday, MetalMiner! - Sheena Moore

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Procurement – Curious Intersections or Tomorrow’s Three-Way Marriage (Part 2)

Overall, I considered the event to be an accelerated period of learning, despite our procurement and BPO in-house expertise at Spend Matters. The case examples shed material light on the challenges around shared services and outsourcing both from a conceptual and analytical perspective as well as with loads of practical advice on what specifically to do, what to avoid, and what to expect.

Friday Latte: Bloomberg Orders Fuel Rationing, Coupa and Spotify, Navy Seals and Video Games

Welcome to the third world? New York Mayor Bloomberg imposes post-Sandy fuel ration -- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered number plate-based petrol rationing, 10 days after Storm Sandy ravaged the city. Fuel shortages since the storm hit have led to hours-long waiting times at pumps, and traffic chaos for commuters struggling to get to work. Similar measures were introduced in New Jersey on Saturday and will also be enforced in New York's Long Island. To mix with coca cola, probably... 'Fine wine' hoard highlights China's problem with fakes -- Police in China have discovered 10,000 bottles labelled as […]

Friday Rant: Take Advantage of the Micro Event (BravoSolution and Pool4Tool Do)!

How do you effectively engage with prospective clients? What can you do to stay relevant with current clients (other than delivering services as promised, of course). To software suppliers it's always a challenge to capture the attention of clients, current and future, long enough to get past the glitzy 30,000' level to discuss more seriously – about client needs, solution differentiators, success stories and best practices. You often don't get the air time to do this. Buyers, on the other hand (already a cynical lot) have put up various "safeguards" around engaging with the suppliers: can't accept or participate in […]

Friday Rant: Negotiating Supplier Network Fees

Here at Spend Matters, we believe that it's time for buying organizations to tackle the network fee question head on. Yet few organizations we talk to have the market intelligence necessary to create strategies to minimize and negotiate supplier network fees as they would more traditional software licenses or SaaS/cloud agreements. Why? First, in looking at the network fee question, it's important to realize that charges – regardless of whether buyers or suppliers pay them, or both – can come in multiple formats. There are models based on an EDI-like per document model (potentially with minimum commitments which become increasingly […]