Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

Holiday Spend Management: Dried Grapes

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Abigail Green, at Mintec Ltd. As the Christmas season gets underway and festive foods such as Christmas puddings and traditional mince pies (little pastries filled with a mix of dried grapes, spices and sugar) return to our diet, it is a good time to examine the dried grape market, and look at what has been happening to raisins, sultanas and currants, key ingredients in some festive favourites. Dried grapes are dried across the globe. The US, specifically California, is the largest producer of raisins, while Turkey is the largest producer of sultanas and […]

Afternoon Coffee: College Cost Savings, Sony Discontinues Cassettes, B2D Supply Chain Technology

Some majors are cheaper than others...? To Steer Students Toward Jobs, Florida May Cut Tuition for Select Majors -- To nudge students toward job-friendly degrees, the governor's task force on higher education suggested recently that university tuition rates be frozen for three years for majors in "strategic areas," which would vary depending on supply and demand. Grab one before it's too late! Sony to discontinue the production early 2013 of Cassette Player/ Recorder -- All good things must come to an end and I am sorry to report that Sony WILL discontinue early January 2013 once and for all the […]

Supplier Diversity Meets Supply Management: A Roadmap for Success (Part 2)

For outcomes, whether you get preferred delivery, higher quality, better post-sales support, more favorable warranties, or better pricing based on prompt payments as a result of getting diverse suppliers paid faster than the norm, it is important to consider the need to engage the broader finance organization (e.g., AP) and even other functions to implement a program successfully. And try to broaden your vision and go outside the standard procurement playbook in the process.

Category Management: 2013 Direct Materials Price Forecast and Trends

For many procurement organizations focused on manufacturing category management efforts, 2012 proved a challenging year. Demand and price volatility and an uncertain economic picture across North America, Europe, and China often complicated sourcing efforts. And only a minority of organizations we know and work with outside of the CPG world ended up taking risk off the table through a formal hedge strategy. Last week, I spent a few minutes talking to my colleague (and my better half) Lisa Reisman to ask about how MetalMiner is reading the commodity tea leaves heading into 2013. According to Lisa, "Metals are down across […]

Sourcing and Procurement Measurement: Metrics That Fail To Deliver

The trip out to Chicago O'Hare hotels or the airport for morning breakfasts or meetings always reminds me about the importance of timing and data in making decisions – procurement and sourcing decisions, to be exact. From my apartment, it takes about 20-25 minute to get to Rosemont if I leave at 5:45 AM on most mornings. If I leave at 5:55, add another 30 minutes (at least). So when I can, I've learned to leave early and camp out at Starbucks before the airport sessions begin. Aside from my travel learnings, we've all heard that procurement needs to become […]

Source-to-Pay: Selecting More Than One E-Sourcing Tool

Later this week, Spend Matters will publish our latest Compass research brief covering the source-to-pay technology market: Next Level Sourcing and Commodity Management: Evaluating the Capabilities of ERP Providers Compared to Independent Vendors. This paper isn't an in-depth research analysis and comparative ranking effort based on a large-scale data collection, demonstration/review and customer validation effort (that will be coming later in Q1 for Spend Matters PRO subscribers). Instead, it's a relatively quick-hit effort to explain how ERP e-sourcing tools (including SAP, Ariba and Oracle) can fit next to best-of-breed vendors. While we will feature several important takeaways for e-sourcing users […]