Daily Archives: December 14, 2012

Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications (Part 3)

Some of the more advanced use cases for social collaboration and procurement are likely cross not only a single group of internal users or supplier tier, but cascade further down into the supply chain with multiple parties, counterparties and general participants. Fortunately, some providers are beginning to think about these use cases already, but aside from SAP Supplier InfoNet, few have created a working or production product.

Sears: A Failure of Customer Data Management (And Likely More)

Procurement can get isolated. It can report to various internal clients and be measured against arbitrary KPIs. Even price reduction achievements are arbitrary if you don't implement them or if the quality, delivery, etc. is subpar. Yet data integration can help overcome business isolation and a failure to align metrics effectively. But there's some good news (one hopes). With procurement, finance, legal, and the sell-side gradually converging in their datasets, sharing data points, and ideally working off an MDM (master data management) playbook, integration is no longer avoidable – one can embrace it! Here's a practical frontline example from Sears […]

Friday Latte: FT Quotes MetalMiner, 3-D Supply Chains, Legos Are Still Awesome

MetalMiner quoted in the Financial Times. Rare earths producer intensifies drive for cash -- Molycorp, the largest producer of rare earth metals outside China, has set to strengthen the company's finances as a priority for its new interim chief executive, as it struggles with plunging prices for its products and the rising cost of its capital spending programme at its mine in California. Get out your special 3-D glasses. Supply Chain Revolution: How a 3-D Supply Chain Could Create Many New Jobs and Revitalize the Economy -- Extreme risk aversion continues to oppress the economy, and recovery is very slow. […]

The Fiscal Cliff: Yes Please

Here at Spend Matters – and probably more broadly in the US – we're in the small minority of those who are excited about the prospects of the impending Fiscal Cliff. As two business owners and parents who are concerned that our children will certainly have a much harder time in this world than our generation because of the unnecessary general spending and entitlement debt they stand to inherit, we're believers in shorter-term austerity to ward off longer-term depression. Our mantra of late has been "4 to 1." We would happily trade $6 trillion in cuts for $1.5 trillion in […]

The Fiscal Cliff: Three Reasons Sourcing and Procurement Should Care

Later today, we'll offer up our contrarian perspective on why the Fiscal Cliff could be a positive for the US economy in the not-so-distant-future. That is, if we go over it – or at least take similar severe measures to cut spending, raise revenue and pay down the debt. But more on that later. Perhaps more important for less philosophically or argumentatively inclined readers (bring on the rotten tomatoes, commenters!!) is why the Fiscal Cliff matters for procurement and why procurement organizations should prioritize the topic for discussion and analysis. Procurement organizations should take a number of actions given the […]