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Almonds: Rising Demand, Rising Consumption, Rising Prices

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Abigail Green, at Mintec Ltd. With Christmas only a week away, many of us have probably heard the classic lyrics 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' in the past weeks, but chestnuts are not the only nut that many of us buy and use in the run up to Christmas. Having looked at hazelnuts three weeks ago, it is now a good time to look at almonds, and see if they can help to sweeten Christmas this year. The US is by far the world's largest producer of almonds, responsible for approximately 80% […]

Afternoon Coffee: Chobani Factory in Idaho, The Drought Drags On, Darjeeling (Limited)

The drought drags on. Springfield Mulls Water Restrictions As Drought Drags On -- Abnormally low precipitation this year has parched the Mississippi and Missouri River basins, reigniting regional "water wars" where resources are spread thin across irrigation, recreation and navigation. In Springfield, officials are preparing to instate strict water restrictions that would include surcharges for heavy users and ban pond filling at golf courses, if lake levels drop low enough to threaten operations of the plants that supply the capital city with drinking water and electricity. "Greek" yogurt (from Idaho). U.S. Hunger for Yogurt Leads to Gigantic Factory -- The […]

Supplier Diversity Meets Supply Management: A Roadmap for Success (Part 4)

First on our list today is reiterating the importance of how and why details matter. The proverbial guy with horns and pitchfork lurks everywhere details live, and data cleansing and classification is no exception. And unfortunately, cleansing and classification efforts are actually more complicated than they might seem at first glance. The corporate data point of reference is usually the A/P vendor master – and the reports you (the SD professional) are expected to come up with on a regular basis, are typically rear-view mirror activities that are concerned only with how much your company paid to SMWBE firms in the previous quarter, year, or by contract (especially if you have federal contracts).

GPOs: An Emergency Response Role for Sourcing and Procurement

When it comes to group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in healthcare and beyond, most procurement professionals first think about how such organizations can potentially bring value through leveraged contracts/agreements. Yet GPOs are fighting to differentiate themselves and their value in new ways. Over on HC Matters, our sister site, we recently ran a guest post by John Sganga exploring how GPOs can bring value in cases of emergency response. We reprint some of the salient learnings below, which we believe extend outside just the healthcare industry: GPOs excel in two areas that make them uniquely qualified for emergency response efforts: relationships […]

A Services Procurement Smorgasbord: Relocation Category Management

What do aggregators engaged in relocation services focus on? They aggregate demand for most every area of addressable spend listed below in a cafeteria-style menu of services. This includes a broad range of activities, including: Buying and selling houses Residential moving of goods Assignment Definition/Communications, ?including salary Tax gross up and equalization work Mortgage assistance Managing child education placement Spousal counseling Rental and/or temporary living assistance Property management, including utility activation ?and maintenance services Insurance (including negative equity solutions) Expense Reimbursement? Job search assistance for other family members Language training (for any/all family members) • Cross-cultural training Immigration services Legal […]

Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications

Over on Spend Matters PRO, we're busy wrapping up four-part analysis exploring the future of social collaboration and information within procurement applications, including an current available capabilities and those which more advanced providers are planning for tomorrow. It's a useful primer on the topic for technology providers, practitioners and consultants alike keen to explore and learn about social media, social tools and social collaboration in the context of procurement applications, routine and process. Below, we feature Part 1 of this series from Spend Matters PRO. Not yet a member? Subscribe, test it for a week for free, or request a […]