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Sugar Cost Management: Prices Falling Steadily

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from James Hutchings, at Mintec Ltd. Despite the rise in use of corn syrup over the last 40 years, sugar remains the world's most commonly used sweetener. It is produced from sugar beet and sugar cane, with beet grown in temperate climates like those found in large parts of the US and EU, whilst cane is grown in tropical climates, including Florida and Hawaii (but predominately Brazil, India and Thailand). World sugar prices have fallen steadily since the last spike in prices seen in summer 2011. World production in 2012/13 has been revised down […]

Afternoon Coffee: PMAC Recognized By IFPSM, US Manufacturing Shrinks, Sandy Boosts Car Sales

"This external recognition certifies that the SCMP designation program is amongst the best in the world..." Purchasing Association in Canada Announces its Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Receives Recognition from an International Purchasing Management Association -- The Purchasing Management Association of Canada's (PMAC) professional accreditation program, which leads to its Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation, has received global recognition from the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) as meeting the highest standards in supply chain education. PMAC's program is the first in North America to receive this honour, and only the second in the world. "The ISM […]

How to Attack Marketing Spend (Part 5)

One of the most important elements of tackling marketing spend is Executive Buy-In, which requires aligning the vision of the CMO, CPO and CFO. In fact, don't do anything until you force this to happen! Above all, ensure that your CPO is well briefed, and don’t let this person destroy your credibility by going into meetings with the CMO with the usual procurement speak. Take the time to get your CPO genuinely interested in the topic as a means of furthering their own interests and even career. For example, in a CPG or retail company, all executives can further their interests by knowing more about marketing. In general, some might call this attaining “stakeholder buy-in” since there might be stakeholders who are critical decision makers who are not C-level – but you get the idea.

Supplier Diversity: IKEA in India

Supplier diversity comes in many shapes and forms, and one of the functions is to identify and develop small, and local businesses that can be brought into the company's supply chain to drive sales and meet government requirements (city, state, national) and/or appease certain constituents. Done correctly, this does not become a window dressing or cronyism exercise but drives profitable growth through increased innovation and stronger ties to the customer base. Supplier diversity teams have an important role in the areas of engaging with local governments, to highlight procurement successes, identify areas of opportunity, and understand the typically multi-tiered nature […]

Sourcing and Procurement in an Executive Context

Tomorrow, we'll be dropping by a joint Corporate United and BravoSolution event in Chicago: Changing the Game: Evolving Procurement to Become Vital to Your Company. Mickey North Rizza is presenting on the concept of "moving procurement to a vital, relevant and valuable function." The topic is one that goes beyond strategic sourcing to encompass a broad range of supply management topics. I suspect Mickey will touch on a topic I've heard quite a bit about from her in the past – the importance of moving the discussion of procurement's contribution beyond looking at just profitability (with a revenue and cost […]

Emptoris IBM UK Public Sector Strategic Sourcing Crash: Background

We've been taking our time in researching a story about a strategic sourcing event failure in the UK government. My colleague, Peter Smith, has covered and analyzed the news here and here. Our coverage of the news continues in a three-part series on this side of the Atlantic. And in our final analysis on Spend Matters PRO, we'll provide key takeaways for public and private sector organizations considering working with Emptoris and other competing vendors with similar requirements. But first, let's get to the bottom of the incident. At the root of the problem, there was a really large bid […]