Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Fieldglass: Procurement Collaboration Dabbles in Social Capabilities

A few months ago, Fieldglass gave us a quick introduction on how they’ve embedded “social” capabilities at the core of their VMS application. While we think social can (and should) mean more in the context of a variety of requisition tools (from services procurement to P2P to direct procurement) – than what early examples are proving today, Fieldglass is no doubt taking the right step in social collaboration direction. But their early efforts leave us thinking: what will be next and will be see entire VMS and P2P toolsets built to support the social enterprise at the core?

Creating High Value from Asset Dispositions

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Eric Narsolis, Erica Pak, Jared Hutchins, and Jeff Schlosser, with Alvarez & Marsal Business Consulting. Asset disposition is becoming an increasingly strategic part of a company's inventory management process, as businesses look to unlock cash from surplus, obsolete, and/or scrap assets and aged inventory items that are often overlooked and insufficiently managed. As shown in Figure 1, growth rates of U.S. manufacturing inventory levels have grown over the past decade (from 2002 to 2012) almost four times compared to the previous decade. This is especially true in the refining, utility, steel and auto […]

Afternoon Coffee: McDonald’s India, Ongoing Spending Habits, US’ Big Exports, Chitown Parking Meters

"We confidently and proudly state that ingredients used in our products are sourced locally that includes the French Fries." We source all our ingredients locally: McDonald's India -- Fast food chain McDonald's today disputed the remark of Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj in Parliament that it does not buy local produce, saying all the ingredients used in its products in India are sourced from within the country. "Before setting up its business in India, McDonald's had made a commitment to government on local sourcing of its entire raw material requirement. Fascinating! 30 Ways Your Spending Habits Change With Age […]

LA Port Strike Highlights Labor’s Role in Supply Management Risk

Over the past week, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union has held thousands of containers hostage, shutting down shipping at two ports on the US West Coast. While current shipping delays are impacting hundreds of manufacturers importing from China and other Asian ports (primarily), the greater takeaway for supply management professionals is the importance of factoring labor into supply risk equations. While we often think of individual suppliers as primary risk drivers in risk calculations, labor can play a role as well – not to mention hidden suppliers, including ports, which do not even show up in most multi-tier supply […]

Coupa and OB10 Tackle Accounts Payable with E-Invoicing Partnership

Earlier this morning, Coupa and OB10 announced a partnership in the accounts payable area, enabling Coupa's eProcurement users to tap the OB10 network for e-invoicing connectivity. According to the announcement, the "strategic partnership will provide Coupa customers with seamless integration to eliminate the need for paper invoices ... As a result of the Coupa/OB10 partnership, invoices from suppliers' billing systems now flow seamlessly into Coupa's cloud solution ... reducing invoice processing time, reducing costs, and introducing opportunities for early payment." While there is competitive overlap in the capabilities that OB10 and Coupa provide given Coupa's recent entrance into the e-invoicing […]

Emptoris IBM Supply Management Crash: User or Vendor Error?

One of the questions surrounding the Emptoris IBM event failure (see Part 1) in a massive UK public sector bid involves whether we should even be concerned, in a cloud world, about the limits of hardware and computing scale. To this, my colleague Peter Smith opines: "Hardware capacity? Aren't we in the days of unlimited cloud-based capacity, all available at the flick of a switch ... Independent of who your provider is and whether they talk about 'cloud', it's worth establishing just how they manage capacity peaks within your portfolio of work or indeed across their whole client base." Bookmark […]