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What Procurement Conference Should You Attend in 2013? ISM Review

PRO Subscribers can access this two-part series covering my unchained opinions of the following purchasing and sourcing-focused events: Procurement Leaders, Sourcing Interests Group (SIG), Shared Services Link, ProcureCon and eWorld on Spend Matters PRO: What Procurement Events Should You Attend in 2013? (Part 1) What Procurement Events Should You Attend in 2013? (Part 2) Below, we feature an excerpt of the series (with a complete reviews of ISM). The Spend Matters team spends quite a bit of time at events and conferences. We speak at them, attend them (to learn and network) and occasionally even hold them for members of […]

Afternoon Coffee: LA Ports Reopen, US Productivity Rises, Tesco Leaves US

An agreement has been reached. Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports to Reopen After 8-Day Strike -- After an eight-day strike that crippled the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, clerical workers from a local office of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union on Tuesday night agreed to a new contract with the terminal operators at the ports. Union members will return to work Wednesday morning. Good job, guys. US workers' productivity growing fastest in two years -- US output per worker grew by its fastest rate since 2010 in the third quarter of this year, according to official […]

MetalMiner Turns Five!

Our sister-site, MetalMiner, has been celebrating a birthday. A fifth birthday, to be exact. You can track all of the festivities, including a number of award giveaways, on the MetalMiner site. In five years since launch (when it was just an advertising vehicle for a consultancy), MetalMiner has become the largest online metals trade publication site by a significant margin. It's also become part of the Spend Matters family of sites (we acquired it back in 2010). MetalMiner is also our largest site in the Azul Partners portfolio, although there is a friendly competition underway for Spend Matters to catch […]

Beyond Sourcing: Focusing Purchasing Process on Supplier Engagement, Development and Tool Selection

Yesterday, I decided to hang out at BravoSolution and Corporate United's joint event out by Chicago O'Hare, where BravoSolution's Mickey North Rizza paraded out a number of frameworks from the annals of great purchasing process and practice, including an old (circa 2007) chart from AMR Research exploring different organizational structures and designs for procurement. I'll come back to this framework in another post, but one thing that stands out around organizational design is another reference Mickey made that ties to group structure: the importance of supplier relationship management (SRM) and the delivery of overall savings. Citing Hackett data, Mickey references […]

Emptoris IBM UK Purchasing and Sourcing Failure: Source-to-Pay Context Matters

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2. One of the beautiful things about reverse auctions is that they condense bid collection elements during an actual event to simple numbers and/or the decision to lower a bid by a certain percent. In contrast, the flexibility inherent in bid collection approaches that do not require an apples-to-apples bid but instead permit suppliers to submit alternatives (e.g., I'll bid on "this" but not "that", I'll bid on "this" with these added volume discounts, I'll bid on "this" and "that" using a partner to supply "that") is significantly greater. And so is the […]