Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications (Part 1)

Social news, media and collaboration are all around us within the procurement, finance and operations worlds. On LinkedIn, popular procurement related groups have thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, members. While size is not necessarily a gauge of value – just as savings or PPV is not necessarily the most important KPI in measuring procurement performance – it amazes us that the group Ariba started on LinkedIn, Sourcing and Procurement has 58,523 members. Niche social networks aimed at procurement, such as mysourcingteam.com, a beta site originally created to encourage ways of fostering category-level collaboration between organizations, have also emerged.

Friday Rant: The Present Value Cost of Risk Demands Far More Attention at the Executive Level

Back in the early 80's when I was at Wharton Grad and also a full time print shop manager, paper warehouse manager and buyer of copiers and peripherals, desktop computers with DOS operating systems were just beginning to replace card punching machines at Penn. It was a hands on era when professors of Computer Science still supervised campus wide hard wired networks to mainframes and the academic discipline of risk management resided in the Insurance Department populated by a hand full of professors near retirement. Much has changed since then, but not nearly enough. A recent article on the Harvard […]

E-Sourcing Analysis: Why You May Need More than One Solution

Next week, Spend Matters will feature a series of posts (and the launch of a new Compass paper) covering the e-sourcing market. We'll spare you the details for now, but one thing we've learned in our research is the surprising overlap in a range of companies that have access to more than one e-sourcing solution. The fascinating aspect of this is that we can only think of one other area within the source-to-pay market where buying more than one solution in a specific functional area is anything but an outlier (for a reason we'll explain in a minute). We can't […]

Friday Latte: Supplier Diversity Fraud, PR and Procurement, Factory Fire Follow-Up

Supplier diversity: Chicago-style. Truck company owner pleads guilty in fraud for minority contracts -- The owner of a dump truck company who secured $3 million in city contracts pleaded guilty today in federal court to acting as a minority "pass through" for another company seeking city sewer contracts. More on marketing and procurement. Procurement specialists can be a marketer's ally -- I have begun working more frequently with external procurement specialists as both a vendor and a PR partner and discovered there is no reason for fear. It boils down to this; a well-managed agency review process benefits everyone as […]

Category Management: Missing Out on Travel Cost Savings

Far too many procurement organizations fail to integrate travel procurement with overall sourcing and supply management efforts. Yet travel represents a fascinating category and overall cost management opportunity. In many industries (software, IT, consulting, financial services, etc.), travel can comprise a substantial portion of addressable spend overall. In other firms, it typically makes up a sizable portion of indirect spend. Attempting to manage this spend can be a chore. On the face of it, travel procurement would seem relatively easy. You start by establishing rules around who gets to stay at what kind of hotel, fly which level of service, […]

Darwinism and the USPS

Many of you may not know me. I'm the numbers guy behind Spend Matters. I run Spend Matters Group (Spend Matters and MetalMiner's consulting arm) and I'm also CFO of the parent company, Azul Partners. I tend to lead and manage by the book (and as Jason says, I keep him and the rest of the team in line). When I encounter a lack of process and transparency, my head spins, and such is the case with a recent order from Amazon that the United States Postal Service (USPS) managed to truly butcher. As background, like many of you, my […]