Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Spend Matters UK/Europe Round-Up

Peter tackles the impending Olympics, supplier lifecycle management, the new CIPS website, and this intriguing-looking band: The Olympics "Delivery Partner" model – a precedent worth following? (Part 1) -- The ODA – Olympic Delivery Authority – have had a lot of praise for their work on the Olympics, much of it justified, particularly the venue construction work coming in ahead of schedule and to budget. However, the ticketing process hasn't been plain sailing (it's been pointed out that this is LOCOG responsibility – apologies to ODA) and we still have to see how some of their other areas of responsibility […]

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Danny Ertel's fee negotiations: parts 3 and 4. Fee negotiations part 3: the misconception about relationships and fees -- Two weeks ago I started this series on law firm–client fee negotiations and why so many find them so challenging. In the next post, I addressed the first major gap in how those discussions are handled, which is that the parties don't approach them as a serious negotiation nor prepare well for them. Fee negotiations part 4: Getting creative with alternative fee arrangements -- Like it or not, I'm going to continue to beat this drum: Law firm partners and their […]

The Price Movements of Plastics

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Nick Peksa of Mintec Ltd. Even if your core business isn't related to plastics, you will likely notice the effect of plastic price movements. Plastics are everywhere in modern life: from polyethylene carrier bags to polypropylene car bumpers to polystyrene office furniture to PVA adhesives to the nylon fibres in clothing. It is useful, therefore, to know where plastic comes from and how to begin to predict the price movements. A good starting point for investigating price movements is to look at the price of the feedstock, the raw material the product is […]

Big Data and Procurement: Get Ready (Some Context First) — Part 1

The New York Times ran an excellent primer on the subject of Big Data last weekend. If you missed it, I strongly recommend tapping into your 10 free stories a month (even if you're equally as offended as I am that the Times would give front page online billing to a story covering/giving credibility to the "Occupy" movement as it reflects on what it should do next, rather than covering real news). But back to the subject at hand, Big Data, and a primer you should not miss on the subject. It makes the most sense to first examine what […]

2012 Predictions and Planning: Sourcing and Beyond (A Webinar and Blog Series) — Part 1

On Wednesday, February 15th (tomorrow!) at 11:00 AM ET, I'll be presenting on a Supply Chain Brain hosted webinar (sponsored and supported with some cool sourcing use cases by CombineNet) titled 2012 Predictions and Planning for Procurement and Sourcing. The premise of my discussion is that past sourcing and procurement approaches are no longer enough to guarantee savings in the current climate (let alone avoid price increases and risk volatility). I'll suggest that procurement organizations and the programs they deploy need to become more rounded -- they need a liberal arts education in business, economies, countries, commodities, etc. rather than […]