Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

Deadweight, Sanity Checks and Beachheads: How to Save on EMC Storage

Spend Matters welcomes another guest post from NPI, a spend management consultancy, focused on delivering savings in the areas of IT, telecom, transportation and energy. With 26 percent market share, EMC is the world's largest storage provider. As the clear leader in a technology market with exponentially growing demand, EMC gets fierce competition from players like IBM, HP and Dell in this crowded space. EMC customers and enterprises looking to make new storage purchases (as well as renew their current support agreements) are poised for big savings in 2012 if they are armed with the right vendor and pricing insight. […]

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Some thoughts from Thomas Kase: Bad vendors selections aren't only made by supply chain! Parents of autistic children feel duped by dog trainer -- [Thomas' commentary] To summarize, Pepsi's charity arm has/had an arrangement with an (apparently shady) organization that accepts donations and sponsorships to fund helping autistic kids get trained companion dogs. Such dogs are not inexpensive – priced at $15,000 on up – and their comforting company can significantly increase the quality of life for both the autistic children and their families. The apparently not-really-nonprofit organization is now failing to deliver - and media has started to write […]

Global Trade, Supply Risk, Compliance: Essentials Every Sourcing Practitioner Should Know (Part 3)

Click for the first and second posts in this series. Perhaps the most fundamental opportunity (and challenge) around trade compliance, supply chain risk, and getting to the next level of analysis to avoid unnecessary costs and risk is collaboration. There is obviously "compliance departments are under pressure to accommodate the growing demands that will be put on their resources and personnel," as Childers suggests. But how they "begin to collaborate more closely with both the manufacturing and supply chain/logistics functions in their companies and "even reach even deeper to work with product design and development" is a challenge that only […]

Procurement and Finance Collaboration: A Non-P2P Perspective (Part 1)

Any time we hear about procurement and finance collaboration, the topic somehow involves purchase-to-pay (P2P) technology. Granted, budgeting, planning and savings implementation are also common joint procurement/finance collaboration memes that crop up, but in general, the most frequent intersection points that touch both organizations somehow involve demand management, transactional buying, payment approvals, working capital management, discounting/early payment, etc. Yet there are far more potential touch points between the functions. And in a recent Business Finance byline by Emptoris' Craig Doud, we begin to get to the bottom of what some of these additional points of non-P2P collaboration should be. As […]

2012 Predictions and Planning: Sourcing and Beyond (A Webinar and Blog Series) — Part 2

Click here for the first part in this series. Last week, I took part in a Supply Chain Brain webinar with CombineNet exploring a range of predictions for sourcing and procurement in 2012 as well as how organizations can address them directly through strategies, organizational structure and resources, technology, and general market awareness. As one example, even though we've written extensively about the volatile and falling Euro and economic uncertainty within the European union (download a compendium on the topic here), I touched on a number of the most important elements to consider from a sourcing strategy perspective in this […]