Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

“That Time of the Month”

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Mark Schaffner, VP of Marketing at Verian. It's an uncomfortable topic. There are some people who become irritable, demanding, and yes --somewhat emotional, for about a week at the same time every month. Their physical demeanor changes, they look tired, break out, and sometimes crave chocolate or chips more than usual. They are accountants. Each month they face the pain of month-end closing. For many, one of the biggest month-end issues is the "transaction trickle." Like Chinese water torture, a steady trickle of issues keeps accountants from closing the month, throwing a monkey […]

Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Join Jason and Hubwoo for a webinar next week. How to Better Leverage Your ERP Investment with a Supplier Network -- Hear insights from Jason Busch on how organizations today use third-party supplier networks to optimize their ERP procurement technology. Learn how CONSOL Energy drove $44M in cost savings leveraging an ERP-integrated supplier network to bring two company consolidations under its fold quickly and seamlessly while reallocating headcount. Chocolate CSR. How Big Chocolate plans to save its cocoa supply -- A Hershey's Kiss is more complicated than it looks. Most of the cocoa in it and other chocolate candies comes […]

Apple, Social Responsibility and Procurement: More CSR Pesticides or Going Organic? (Part 4)

Click here to read previous posts in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Apple has spent some time in the negative spotlight around the actions (or lack of actions) of its suppliers in the area of worker health and safety. Even recent coverage, such as the NYT story that describes in gory detail the results of an explosion at a Foxconn facility that tore apart the face of a college-educated technician working on equipment used in the manufacturing of iPads and iPhones, points to continued negativity in the mainstream press toward Apple's practices around health and worker safety. […]

The White House Talks Supply Chain: When Supply Risk Becomes a National Security Issue (Part 2)

In the first post in this series we covered and quoted many of the announcement factoids and underpinnings of the new National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security announced by the White House last week. We'll continue to share some of the most important elements in this post, focusing first on some of the motivations behind the development of this strategy, and then how the White House intends to translate policy and supply chain analysis into action after planning is complete. We apologize again for quoting so extensively from the news rather than offering our own reporting and analysis, but […]

Exploring Basware’s 1stbp Acquisition: Virtual Printer Technology and Beyond (Part 1)

In January, Basware announced its acquisition of First Businesspost, one of the top e-invoicing network and software providers in Germany. For our initial insight into the financial and high-level solution, customer, competitive and marketplace dynamics of the deal, check out our initial coverage. After the announcement, we also caught up with Purchasing Insight's Pete Loughlin, and he provided a few other observations. He said that two things about the transaction are fairly obvious, but elements might be lost on those not close to the e-invoicing market. First, Pete told us that that transaction is "another sign of consolidation of players […]