Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Problem with Portals

First, you have to define what the heck you mean by a "supplier portal." Is it the web page and custom functionality you construct to coordinate all supplier interactions? Is it just a place for suppliers to check on payment status, do PO flips, and do some self-service data maintenance? Companies are all over the board in their definitions, and so are the technology suppliers who serve them. Having a supplier portal vision/strategy and an overall procurement information architecture is really important. It helps procurement and IT get on the same page so that they can better support the internal stakeholders, the suppliers, and themselves!

Coupa E-Invoicing Analysis (and the Organization Controversy it Might Bring!)

But at the moment, Coupa has chosen a no-fee path for suppliers. As such, any organization evaluating Coupa for e-invoicing (and broader P2P, since Ariba and other network fees can start with PO transmittal), should build a total cost model to understand what they’re getting into either way. If Coupa e-invoicing is more expensive up-front (which it might be based on pricing models we’ve seen compared to others), it may likely be materially less once supplier fees are factored in.