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Drive Innovation Using Collaborative Supplier Relationships (Part 2)

Click here to read the first post in this series. Building Supplier Collaboration Capabilities The four primary steps to drive innovation through supplier collaboration are identified in Figure 2. For each of the steps, tactics are identified that enable supply chain leaders to successfully collaborate and execute the innovation strategy. Figure 2: Four steps to build supplier collaboration capabilities Develop Innovation Strategy To keep the organization focused, executives must identify innovation priorities and objectives for each of their product categories. For example, they could be segmented by product into the following categories: (1) Transformative, New to the World Innovation (2) […]

Afternoon Coffee: Widespread Flu Epidemic, Amazon’s New Distribution Center, Procurement Jobs

Feeling feverish? STAY HOME (I got my pharmacy's second to last pack of Tamiflu yesterday...) Flu Widespread, Leading a Range of Winter's Ills -- The country is in the grip of three emerging flu or flulike epidemics: an early start to the annual flu season with an unusually aggressive virus, a surge in a new type of norovirus, and the worst whooping cough outbreak in 60 years. And these are all developing amid the normal winter highs for the many viruses that cause symptoms on the "colds and flu" spectrum. Influenza is widespread, and causing local crises. On Wednesday, Boston's […]

Providers Take Note: A Look Inside the Brain of a CPO

Talking to a friend over the holidays who still has the sort of large organization Procurement Director/CPO role I held some years back, I was remembering both the delights and pressures of that type of role. This also got me thinking about the people who had to try and sell to me. That applies to firms selling goods and services for general organisational use – everything from IT to packaging, milk powder to legal services in my time as a practitioner – but also more specifically to those who were trying to sell me goods or services aimed at procurement directly. That included recruitment firms, software or solutions providers, consultants, and the like.

Is Washington Finally Serious About Sourcing and Procurement? (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of this post. Obama's Deputy Director for Management Jeffrey Zients suggests a number of key contributing strategy components to a new sourcing charter and mandate for the federal government in a memorandum to departments and agencies. One strategy includes best practices from the private sector like gathering "input from a large number of potential agency users - especially the largest likely users - regarding customer demand for the goods and services being considered, the acquisition strategy (including contract pricing, delivery and other terms and conditions, and performance requirements), and the commodity management […]

The Most Volatile Commodity of 2012: Copper

We don't make this pronouncement lightly. Nor do we do so in a truly scientific manner. Yet according to our sister site, MetalMiner, copper takes the metals cake as the most volatile commodity of 2012. As MetalMiner observes, "Copper earns the dubious distinction of 'most volatile metal' for 2012. And this comes as no surprise. MetalMiner's monthly Copper MMI® registered a value of 97 in January, on par with December's value ... the copper price has ended 2012 at nearly the same place where it started, despite double-digit volatility based on the supply/demand fundamentals and too much copper stock given […]

3 Essential Procurement Services For Small and Middle Market Businesses

We're big believers that 2013 is going to be the year that procurement technology adoption takes off in the SMB procurement market. But which technologies across the source-to-pay continuum are most suited to small and middle market environments? Hint: it's only a handful. Granted, there are opportunities for the full suite of capabilities (including strategic sourcing, eProcurement, e-invoicing, contract management, supplier management and related areas) from Ariba, SAP, Oracle, SciQuest and others that sell end-to-end capabilities (typically to much larger companies). Yet we believe that smaller and middle market companies are going to prioritize just a handful of areas for […]