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2012 Commodity Review: Maize, Oil, Sugar, Coffee, Dairy, Plastic, and Coal

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from James Hutchings, at Mintec Ltd. Whilst the European economy appears to be successfully resisting any and all efforts at recovery, the US has had more promising signs with a continuing rise in consumer confidence and an improvement in the US labor market. China has continued to power global growth, and has for the most part completed its once-every-10-years handover of power to the next generation of political leaders. Below we summarize how 2012 shaped up for several different areas, world-wide. Global maize and wheat prices are up significantly over the past 12 months […]

Afternoon Coffee: Tax Evasion, Supply Chain Trends, Fast Food Goes Cerebral

Court rules that travel companies must pay taxes too Travel sites ordered to pay $150M in back taxes -- Sobering news for Priceline, Travelocity, and other travel sites, who were recently told to pay more than a decade's worth of excise taxes to the state of Hawaii. It turns out that while these sites made more than $2.7 billion in Hawaii hotel room sales, they never bothered to pay state taxes. With a potential $20-million increase in annual tax collections at stake, Hawaii's state administration understandably made pursuing these taxes a top priority. DHL executive's supply chain forecast Comment: Supply […]

Spend Matters Has a New Intern: Welcome Sydney!

I'm pleased to introduce Sydney Lazarus, our new editorial intern who joined Spend Matters just this morning. We're thrilled to have her as part of the team! - Sheena Hi there! This is Sydney, the new intern here at Spend Matters. For a short introduction, I'm a senior undergraduate student at Northwestern, majoring in journalism and Russian. I'm pretty excited to take a dip into the procurement world after stints at Condé Nast Traveler and Modern Luxury and, somewhat less related, a year teaching English and consuming too much cheese bread in the Republic of Georgia. Only look to the […]

Five Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013: Panjiva

To say we live in interesting procurement times is an understatement. For Fortune 500 and middle market organizations alike, global sourcing, supply base localization, supply risk management and regional supplier management are increasingly taking greater chunks of time away from core savings, value, and quality initiatives. Yet fighting skirmishes and larger battles on all of these fronts don’t necessarily have to be more difficult if we’re better informed about the world around us. Some may call this “big data” awareness. What big data represents to procurement is important to understand conceptually, but the ability to locate, analyze and act on increasingly distributed data sets is even more important.

Comparing SAP and Ariba for Sourcing (Part 1)

The following post is based on the Spend Matters Compass Series paper Evaluating the Capabilities of ERP Providers Compared to Independent Vendors – Know Your Size Before Trying on the Suit (available for free in the Spend Matters Research library). SAP and Ariba customers need to invest the time to understand how both sets of solutions compare. Spend Matters has heard from various sources that one potential outcome of the combined SAP/Ariba roadmap is that SAP will encourage the use of Ariba Sourcing rather than its own solution. While this is not officially confirmed – nor do we believe this […]

Who Should Own Contract Management?

The following post is based on the paper authored by Peter Smith, Managing Director, Spend Matters UK/Europe: Preparing for Procurement in 2020: Negotiation, Contract and Supplier Information Overload Getting to Grips with Contract Management? -- How the CPO Can Lead on Managing Contract Risk and Opportunity – Discovery, Focus and Capability (available for free in the Spend Matters Research library). A common failing in many organizations is the lack of a clear senior owner for contract management, often true at both the individual contract level and across the overall picture. It is a truism that initiatives and activities rarely succeed […]

Cost Management Failures: 10 Reasons SMBs Stink at Procurement

Last week, we began a blog series exploring the state of procurement in the small and middle market sectors. See 2013: The Year of Source-To-Pay Adoption for SMB Procurement and 3 Essential Procurement Services For Small and Middle Market Businesses. As we continue our analysis of SMB procurement practices, it makes sense to do a level set around why these organizations fail to deliver on their purchasing and cost management promises. Here at Spend Matters, we've brainstormed a big list of the underlying reasons of why SMBs waste money on procurement. Out of what we've thrown out, these are the […]