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Media Buying Consolidation Drives Lower CPM Rates and Higher Value

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Kamran Siddiqui and Justin Glazer; Alvarez & Marsal Business Consulting, LLC. On any media and advertising sourcing effort, calculating cost savings on media buying (procurement of media real estate at optimal placement and price) can be a daunting task. Media costs are always in flux; thus, generating an accurate baseline is sometimes next to impossible. The reason for the fluctuation is because traditional media (TV, print, radio, etc.) costs are measured in CPM (Cost Per Thousand), which can vary greatly by market, network, program, daypart, investment, and on-air times. In advertising, CPM refers […]

Five Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013: Seal

The contract lifecycle management (CLM) market occupies a seemingly staid, yet important, corner of software technology that bridges procurement, finance, legal, sales and even operations (ideally). It’s a highly crowded environment with nearly a dozen providers of note, by our count, that offer at least sufficient if not highly capable solutions that feature contract vaults/repositories, collaboration capabilities, procurement suite (e.g., sourcing integration) authoring and basic analytics. Contract management is a mature solution area – and one you need.

Afternoon Coffee: Consumer App Tracks Food Supply Chain, UPS Heavy Freight, French Factory Farts

Know what you're eating. McDonald's Australian Launches iOS Apps That Allows Diners to Check Presence of Meat with Horse DNA on Burgers -- The app works by scanning the image of a food item bought from McDonald's using the iOS camera. The app, using GPS and the free Wi-Fi in McDonald's outlets and combining it with date and time, accesses the company's supply chain. It then pinpoints the source of the fast food items, not only meat, but also its French fries, veggies, pickles, burger, cheese, fish, bread and mayo. In the opposite corner: UPS' new urgent heavyweight service. UPS […]

When Are ERP E-Sourcing Tools the Best Fit? (Part 1)

The following post is based on the Spend Matters Compass Series paper Evaluating the Capabilities of ERP Providers Compared to Independent Vendors – Know Your Size Before Trying on the Suit (available for free in the Spend Matters Research library). It's our operating belief that sourcing solutions from ERP vendors (i.e., SAP, Oracle, and Ariba) can do a commendable job – at least when configured properly, used to their fullest and deployed as part of an overall procurement transformation program – under a range of different circumstances and use cases. But for us, the fundamental question that should come before […]

Why I Joined Spend Matters: Pierre Mitchell's Inaugural Post

Like many people, I often get writer's block with the first sentence on a blank page (or screen). This first 'official' blog post from me as an Azul Partners employee may be the biggest block to date. Why? Because I have mentally written and rewritten this entry hundreds of times, as Jason and I have threatened to do this for years (the delay is due mostly to my cowardice). But, like in Zen Calligraphy, there is no best way, so enough meandering. It's best to just start laying it down. I have known Jason for over a decade. I knew […]

Welcoming Pierre Mitchell, Our New Managing Director and Chief Research Officer

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that Pierre Mitchell has joined Azul Partners as Managing Director and will serve as Chief Research Officer for Spend Matters. Pierre will be collaborating with me around procurement research activities and share broader solution development responsibilities for intellectual property creation and firm strategy. This includes efforts to build new types of interactive and social communities, including the evolution of Spend Matters PRO and other digital assets that fall under Azul Partners' umbrella. In the early 2000's, Pierre was the first supply chain practitioner to become a procurement "industry analyst" as the VP of supply management […]