H&M Halts Production of Angora Items, Intelligentsia Coffee’s Supply Chain, Sock Subscriptions

- December 4, 2013 12:40 PM
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H&M is temporarily ceasing production of items containing Angora wool, following the release of video footage showing inhumane treatment of rabbits in China, where much of the global supply of Angora is produced.

Innovative supply chain practices have allowed Intelligentsia Coffee to cut the time it takes for coffee beans to go from field to cup from months down to as little as six weeks—and produce a better cup of coffee.

Sock subscriptions are on the rise, with online sales of men’s socks up 29 percent in the last year, compared to a measly 4 percent increase in stores.

In the latest effort to raise fast-food wages, workers plan to walk off the job tomorrow in cities around the U.S.

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