Monthly Archives: February 2013

Procurement’s View of Outsourcing (Part 1)

For instance, if the organisation has never actually carried out a service internally, can we talk about outsourcing? Early in my career, I ran the contracting exercise and then the delivery phase as my company “outsourced” the manufacture of chocolate Easter Eggs. We talked about outsourcing the production – but in fact, we had never made those products in our own factory. So arguably, we were buying contract manufacturing services; yet it felt like outsourcing and we talked about it in that manner.

What Marketing Analytics Can Teach Us (Part 2)

Spend Matters PRO will soon publish our technology coverage taxonomy for the procurement landscape, something we’ve been hard at work creating (and debating) internally the past few weeks. In the broader area of analytics and spend/supplier information management, on a generalized basis (obviously layered with category specific nuances for marketing and other categories), we see combined capabilities coming together to help companies solve big data challenges.