Announcing the Spend Matters 50/50: Providers to Watch and Providers to Know

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As part of the launch of our new online provider directory, Spend Matters Almanac, we’ll be unveiling our 2014 “50 to Watch” and “50 to Know” lists of providers in the procurement sector. The two distinctions should speak for themselves, as the core Spend Matters team (Peter Smith, Pierre Mitchell, Thomas Kase, Jason Busch, and Sheena Moore) spent weeks debating about who should be included. Not all decisions were easy, but we think the result will be useful for everyone who wants (and needs) to get smart on the provider landscape.

Before we dive into the 50/50 details, here’s a quick low-down on the Spend Matters Almanac:

We are asked daily by Spend Matters readers for information about which solution providers they should be aware of and some basic knowledge of their capabilities – and there has been no standard guide covering procurement and supply chain providers to point them toward as reference.

Curated by Spend Matters editors and analysts, Spend Matters Almanac covers software firms, outsourcers, data providers, research providers, consultants, membership organizations, and similar firms that serve the procurement and supply chain market. All entries (including basic “free” listings) are moderated for content and approved prior to inclusion.

50-bugbase2013The 50 to Know are all members of the old procurement guard, and, simply put, they’re companies you should have some basic information on at all times.

50-watch2013The 50 to Watch are some of the more interesting up-and-coming players we’ve seen that we think our readers and members should get familiar with – and some are certainly more established than others.

As an aside, we’ve been working on the list for the past few months in various iterations and we finalized it at the end of December. If you’re newer to the space and we missed you this year, don’t worry. We’ll give you full consideration next year.

It’s important to note that the 50/50 is not a ranked list – it’s not the point. Inclusion in the 50/50 is meant to indicate to a procurement practitioner, advisor or consultant that a company is worth knowing or taking a look at. Nothing more.

This is not a short-list of vendors by sector, nor a list of sponsor companies. No one paid us a special fee to be included in the 50/50 (and face it: you know us way better than that). If you want specific shortlists, including a much broader set of providers not on the 50/50 list based on specific organizational needs or requirements, our 2014 vendor outlook series on Spend Matters PRO, linked below, may hit the spot for you.

It’s also important to note that a listing in the 50/50 list does not constitute a Spend Matters good housekeeping-type “seal of approval.” While we by all means encourage providers that have been selected to link to their Almanac listing (the official lists will be announced next week -- stay tuned!), a listing does not constitute in any way a sponsorship or endorsement of your company, products, or services.

We’re incredibly excited for the launch of the 50/50 list as well as the Spend Matters Almanac. Those who have been selected for inclusion as part of the 50/50 will be getting an email very soon, so check your inbox for a link to provide specific contact, product and related information as part of your listing.

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