CRM for Procurement: Lessons from the Sell-Side [PRO]

This topic has been brewing for a while. Back in 2006, I presented a simple version of this topic at an Ariba Live event. It was well received (and was how I got introduced to a long-time client who is now a CPO at “Top 25 Supply Chain” CPG firm) and is still relevant today. Procurement can be a full contact sport, but in the world of the Global Business Services (GBS) model for enterprise service delivery, it is also a services business. As such, procurement organizations need to adapt best practices from the CRM world to manage their diverse stakeholders. In this first part of a multi-part series, I will explore over a dozen CRM segments and begin to lay out how companies are applying CRM principles and practices to the “business of procurement.” Note, CRM for “supply” and suppliers is not the buy-side of “SRM” or supplier management – it’s a much bigger, hairier, and more encompassing beast. It’s also not just about tools and technology.

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