The Evidence: How the Staffing and Contingent Market is Failing Procurement [PRO]

There’s an incumbent ecosystem in the services procurement universe that has made a business out of delivering the bare minimum to keep customers satisfied and maintain the status quo. No, we’re not referring to the “tools” providers, but the sad fact is that within the more capable vendor management system (VMS) tool sets today, much of the more advanced capability in these solutions goes untapped or is only partially used. Who is to blame? It’s easy to “shoot” the messenger – staffing firms and the incumbent MSP, but the blame rests with numerous other parties as well, including consultancies, outsourcing firms, staffing researchers and, perhaps most serious of all, procurement itself. In this 2-part Spend Matters PRO analysis, Founder and Managing Director Jason Busch highlights the contributing factors to how and why the staffing and contingent market is failing procurement.

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