Spend Matters 50/50: The Hackett Group – A Provider to Know in 2015

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The Hackett Group is a publicly traded consulting organization with roughly $250 million in revenues that focuses on performance management, back-office transformation, working capital consulting (from its acquisition of REL Consultancy) and benchmarking.

Hackett is the gold standard in back-office performance benchmarking – namely finance, procurement, IT and HR – primarily due to its rigorous approach to efficiency benchmarking and its ability to provide comparability on performance benchmarks (that drill down into specific process areas) and related “good practices.” Within procurement, it also provides some level of insights into direct versus indirect benchmarks, and even some insights into high level “super spend categories.” Hackett also offers good packaged diagnostics and tools that allow firms to not just baseline their performance objectively, but also help them accelerate their transformations, whether they choose to engage Hackett consultants in the execution or pursue the transformation in a more self-service manner.

Those that gain the best value from Hackett tend to be large companies that are somewhat earlier in their transformations or who are looking for deep support of areas such as performance measurement/management, global business services (GBS) and working capital management. But, smaller companies can still make use of some of Hackett’s publicly shared benchmarks and other related insights.

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    We urgently want to outsource our Company’s Procurement function to enable us just to focus on our main function & expertise to grow the Company.
    Can you perhaps recommend at least about 5 International Companies that are experts in this field?

    It will be highly appreciated if someone can help us with this as soon as possible?

    Many thanks!

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