FMS and Beyond – Filling in the ‘White Space’ of Sourcing and Engaging the Independent Workforce (Part 1) [PRO]

services procurement

Freelancer management system (FMS) is a vendor-driven term and concept that has achieved buzzword status in staffing and contingent workforce management circles within just a year of its inception. It is a real and important technology solution development, one that has focused attention on an important expanding gap between talent-hungry enterprises and a fast growing, business-critical segment of the modern global workforce. While FMS is one catalyst of this focus and a way of beginning to bridge this gap – a procurement “white space,” if you will – it is also a part of a much larger set of developments, encompassing a range of incumbent and new services and solutions players as well as new technology infrastructures that will unfold and take shape in the coming years. In Part 1 of this Spend Matters PRO series, I will cover how a procurement white space has appeared between enterprises and an important growing labor population: the independent workforce. I will also provide an understanding of what this independent workforce is and why it is important.

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