Best Practices for Your P2P Implementation Project And How to Keep it From Becoming a Nightmare [PRO]

complex sourcing

Spend Matters recently held a joint webinar with GEP on how to successfully implement a procure-to-pay solution and how to keep the process from turning into a nightmare. This 2-part Spend Matters PRO series lays out what tips we suggested for procurement organizations embarking on a P2P project. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive, step-by-step implementation guide, however. We simply want to share our best practice ideas based on our experience and our discussion in the webinar. Today, we will focus specifically on project management as a procurement responsibility, as well as ensuring finance and accounts payable are included in the P2P implementation project. Other areas we will cover are remembering the importance of supplier integration, system testing and user training in the P2P process.

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