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North America Truckload Market Update – Q3 2016 [Plus+]

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This is the first monthly installment of Accenture’s Spend Trends category insights that we’re making available to our Spend Matters Plus readers. Although this category insight is more direct spend oriented, we chose this category update because of its relevance relative to the immediate opportunity in the truckload market. It provides an analysis of multiple data sources, including Accenture’s own sourcing operations for its clients, and highlights recent changes in market capacity, utilization, pricing, and strategies. It’s a good time for shippers to be bidding freight right now, but there are some important key caveats related to spot buying, market timing, and shifts in the market relative to large carriers versus smaller regional/specialty carriers.

From a procurement process standpoint, the article emphasizes the importance of a deliberate and active management approach to such a dynamic category. From a procurement technology standpoint, the use of combinatorial optimization-based bidding tools for truckload bidding is absolutely key for such active management of large market baskets of truckload lanes. By doing so, shippers can tap the best capabilities of smaller carriers and larger core carriers in order to optimize costs and service levels for increasingly volatile demand profiles.

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