Coupa: Solution Review & Analysis [Plus+]

There are many perspectives on Coupa. These range from those who believe that the vendor has single-handedly transformed the world of spend management by atoning for the over-customization, product and user interface sins of those that came before, to those who think that Coupa has expanded too quickly and is doomed to repeat the past mistakes of others.

Our vendor snapshot series on Coupa is not about perspectives. It aims to be the first to review Coupa’s technology and modules in the context of what they actually do today and how they are differentiated — or not — from others. Please note: Our Vendor Snapshot series was written before Coupa’s acquisition of Spend360.

We have comparatively analyzed Coupa and its competitors for a range of constituents including procurement and finance organizations, for suppliers participating in supplier network ecosystems, and for consultants and systems integrators. This Spend Matters Plus analysis provides an introduction to Coupa for procurement organizations looking to understand whether they should consider adding the provider to their shortlists for consideration and competitive alternatives.

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