What is Your E-Procurement Persona? Understand Your Requirements and Mass Customize Your Vendor Shortlist [PRO]

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No two procurement organizations are alike. Each has its own persona that reflects not only its own value proposition and engagement approach but also the stakeholders it serves.

The same principle holds true of procure-to-pay (P2P) application providers. Each has a persona (or more than one persona) that reflects its value proposition, solution strategy and targeted customer segments. Therefore, procurement organizations should seek providers whose personas best align to theirs. In other words, there is no generic “magic” solution provider, and finding the right fit is critical, because a P2P application represents the main interface for most of procurement’s internal customers.

A modern procurement organization with a streamlined and tailored approach to influencing stakeholders is poorly served by buying a complex, one-size-fits-all application that puts off those stakeholders. Not enough procurement organizations look at an e-procurement application as their main business-facing interface — but it is.

The face a procurement organization presents to the business through an e-procurement application may vary. For the frontline business user, some e-procurement systems are extremely easy to use and may even suggest a lack of policy by procurement based on how they’re configured and put into the field. Others are more directive and prescriptive. Many e-procurement solutions serve as a portal to more than just transactional buying — for example, serving as a hub for all employee engagement related to supplier spending.

To that end, this multipart Spend Matters PRO analysis shares six of the most common customer personas in e-procurement and invoice-to-pay (the two segments that comprise the P2P market), starting first with a look at e-procurement. For each, we include: full definitions, typical organizational priorities (based on each persona), functional/solution and customer value emphasis and recommended selection processes.

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