Daily Archives: November 1, 2012

Supplier Reduction Programmes: Pros and Cons (Part 2)

Today we'll look at some of the issues and dangers of implementing supplier reduction under three areas: incorrect baselining, calculation of costs and inappropriate business outcomes. This is relevant to practitioners and solution providers alike, given that supplier reduction has formed part of the business case for many software, consulting or other solution sales over the past two decades.

PRO Analysis: DOJ and UK Fair Trading Office Clear SAP Acquisition of Ariba

Over the weekend, the US department of Justice (DOJ) cleared SAP’s announced acquisition of Ariba, a move that represents the last major hurdle that SAP had to overcome to close the deal. This follows news from earlier last week that the U.K. Office of Fair Trading also approved SAP’s announced acquisition of Ariba. The DOJ clearance was something we predicted on Spend Matters PRO (and Spend Matters), but the announcement was by no means certain. In fact, as we referenced previously this summer, once proposed acquisitions receive a second request, nothing is certain.