Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

The Genesis of a Firestorm – Managing Risk and Value in the Supply Base (Part 2)

To manage the complexities of the brave new supply chain, few things are more important than more and better data, as well as improved tools to analyze and manage the data points. Much is happening on both fronts – recent developments around unique exposure to commodity shortages (helium, earth metals) and regulations (Dodd-Frank; tin and other metals) in multi-tier supply chains coupled with the qualitative risks (social media, sustainability) and all the traditional risks have come together around driving new solutions and processes.

CPO Corner: You Can’t Have Your Suppliers’ Cake and Eat It…

The new Chief Procurement Officer for the UK government, Bill Crothers, gave a number of surprisingly open and interesting interviews in his first weeks in the job. He made some quite aggressive comments in terms of how large government suppliers had been exploiting their position – charging different prices to different parts of government, for instance. There was a clear message from him that government procurement was going to expect better deals and would use its leverage more aggressively to drive them.

Private Equity and Procurement: Building a Lasting Savings Foundation Requires Getting Operational (Part 2)

The use of P2P systems also ties into another area we’re beginning to see early interest and curiosity about within forward thinking firms: creative uses of working capital strategies. For example, an approach here might entail using a fund’s capital that would otherwise be in cash, short-term high rated debt or commercial paper to fund early payment discounts to suppliers within the portfolio itself. In fact, some hedge funds are already using their own free cash to invest in short-term maturity instruments tied to receivables (with APRs based off of the credit rating of the buying organization). We believe PE firms will investigate similar options.