Afternoon Coffee: Freelancer Marketplace Fiverr Is Going Public; Google Cools on Doing Business with Huawei

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Fiverr, the Tel Aviv-based online marketplace for digital creative services, has announced that it filed its Form F-1 with the U.S. SEC just days ago. Google had deferred doing business with Huawei in some areas like the transfer of hardware, software and technical services. Seeing the massive jump in tariffs, big investors in Apple's iPhone and its supply chain are evidently bailing. And San Francisco-based Starsky Robotics and the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority recently completed tests with a self-driving truck near Tampa, Florida. Afternoon Coffee: your source for procurement and supply chain news.

Best Procurement Solution Persona? Configurator!

pierre mitchell headshot Pierre Mitchell

What’s my favorite Spend Matters’ SolutionMap persona? In one respect — as we begin a series of personal essays on buying personas (Nimble, Deep, Turn-Key, Configurator, CIO Friendly as well as Optimizer for sourcing providers and Global for CWS vendors) — it’s sort of a silly question.

Every persona is great. Is an extrovert better than an introvert? Is an Olympic weightlifter a better athlete than a marathoner? Is the procurement organization at Uber better than the one at P&G? Uber might need a Nimble solution, and P&G may need a Deep solution. But if we change the question to “what type of solution is generally most appealing to the most buyer personas,” then I’d have to pick Configurator.

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