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Provides solutions and/or services in the following categories:
  • Sourcing and Engaging the Independent/Freelance Workforce — An Emerging Ecosystem? (Part 3) [PRO]
  • Supplier Management: Dozens of Markets in One (Market Introduction) [PRO]
  • The Contingent Workforce and Services Insider’s Hot List: September 2018 [Plus+]
  • Digital Service Providers: Do They Require Your Attention and Why? (Part 2) [Plus+]
  • Next-Generation Digital Service Providers: The Who, What and Why for Services Procurement [Plus+]
  • A User’s Guide to the Gig Economy for Procurement Practitioners [Plus+]
  • Afternoon Coffee: OMNIA Partners Purchases U.S. Communities GPO, Argentine Ports Stalled by Sticker Shortage
  • Crowdsourcing: New Trends and Developments (Part 1) [Plus+]