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COR360 is a multi-tenant, cloud-based platform that offers electronic PO creation/delivery, e-invoicing, scan and capture, 3-way matching, approval workflow dashboards, and ad hoc reporting. Corcentric adds new functionalities in monthly product releases available to users at no cost. COR360 has multi-lingual and multi-currency capability and offers mobile invoice approval functionality on a smartphone or tablet.

Corcentric supports invoice receipt in many ways, including a managed PO box for paper invoices, e-mail, invoice image upload, e-invoicing, fax, or online submission form via a supplier portal. Clients can use Corcentric to perform data capture or perform data capture themselves. All data is captured through OCR technology with a 99.8% accuracy guarantee. A feature called U-Call allows users to retrieve invoice images directly from ERP or legacy systems.

COR360 SmartRouting analyzes captured invoice data for automatic routing. Administrators have control over user access rights, approval authority, routing rules, and invoice visibility. Escalation notices can be configured to alert users of invoice aging. COR360 automates 2- and 3-way matching, as well as the matching process for blanket PO’s, by using straight-through processing to match invoices to PO’s and receipt lines.

COR360 includes a supplier network for e-invoice transmission and payment status visibility. Corcentric handles all aspects of supplier onboarding and participation in e-invoicing and EDI submission at no fee to the supplier. COR360 integrates with any ERP system to transmit data to and from a client’s financial system through proprietary Business Connectors.

COR360 includes analytics and dashboard reporting on KPI’s; numerous standard reports; and ad-hoc tools to create reports with no IT experience required. A SOX-compliant audit history report tracks all invoice actions. Additionally, a reporting feature called Audit Review creates secure, online audit folders to provide external auditors with access to invoices and other documents for review.


CorConnect unifies B2B buyers and sellers within a cloud-based system. CorConnect is tailored to the unique transactional needs of buying groups, closed-loop commerce networks, and sellers with a dealer or distributor sales channel. The platform enables an accelerated flow of business by converting PO’s, invoices and ASN’s into standardized electronic data, 3-way matching these documents, and making them accessible to buyers and sellers through an order management portal. CorConnect enables 100% paperless e-invoicing throughout the network to allow suppliers to send invoices via EDI, XML, flat file, or numerous other formats.

For closed-loop commerce networks, CorConnect technology connects the user’s ERP system with the network and transforms the user’s documents into normalized data. After onboarding, each buyer and seller is fully equipped to send invoices, PO’s, and ASN’s in electronic format throughout the network – to any other member. All network members can track shipping status, manage invoice discrepancies or escalate for resolution, and view reports on buyer- or seller-related transactional activity at all levels.

Sellers can import catalogues into their commerce network, create and modify pricing at the item or group level, specify contract pricing terms for individuals or groups, and set robust business rules such as mark-ups, mark-downs, or rebates. CorConnect validates every invoice against price files or contracts, matches compliant invoices, and flags discrepancies. Network buyers gain access to reporting tools that show how much they pay for items and to allow monitoring of supplier performance in meeting contract terms. Every invoice is routed to the correct person, in the correct order, for approval within the CorConnect order management portal. Upon approval, invoices are exported to the buyer's AP system for payment processing.

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