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Procurement Intelligence Starts Here.
Companies interested in optimizing their purchasing and asset management systems can turn to ePlus Systems solutions with confidence to unify and automate their processes. Our innovative development and implementation teams have diligently created advanced solutions for over 20 years. This experience has resulted in deploying a mature, functionally rich and sophisticated solution for our clients around the globe and across an array of verticals.

Our solutions can centrally manage your procurement activity and help ensure your organizational compliance guidelines are achieved. Our team of seasoned procurement solution specialists consult with all of the stakeholders in your organization to develop the optimal configuration for your environment prior to deployment.

Don’t hesitate to invite us to discuss your procurement needs and to explore ePlus’s automated solutions, which deliver a rapid ROI and can be configured to meet the unique needs of your organization.

IT Asset Management - The Next Area for Spend Control
IT Asset management and the related maintenance management are areas that are often overlooked by organizations. In fact when left unmanaged, IT asset purchasing increases and there’s a likelihood of costly overlaps in maintenance service contracts. By proactively managing IT assets and contracts, as well as ensuring maintenance and software compliance, organizations can get an accurate picture of their IT asset value and IT asset inventory on-demand, which proves valuable in making informed business decisions, budgeting and reviewing operational investments.

OneSource Asset Management, ePlus’s IT asset management solution, is an innovative set of business practices and tools that joins financial, technical and contractual functions to support asset management from acquisition through disposal. It integrates with eProcurement systems to collect data from IT assets, contract and lease management, and fixed asset base to reduce total cost of ownership.

IT asset management fills a gap in the eProcurement lifecycle process to help insulate an organization against redundant purchases and other unnecessary expenditures.

Software Solutions
Comprehensive Procurement (procure-to-pay and services), IT Procurement, Asset Management, Content Management, Supplier Management, Document Management

Industries Served
ePlus Systems’ solutions are ideal for national or multinational enterprises. We currently serve organizations in a wide range of industries, including:
Technology, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Government, Insurance, Energy, Distribution, Publishing, Legal, System Integrators, Shared Services

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