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InnoCentive is the open innovation & crowdsourcing pioneer and global leader in Challenge Driven Innovation. For 15 years InnoCentive has been partnering with leading organizations around the world to enable them to crowdsource solutions to their pressing problems.

Our global network of 375,000+ problem Solvers, proven Challenge Driven Innovation methodology and expertise, and purpose-built technology has helped our clients, including AstraZeneca, NASA and Thomson Reuters, transform their economics of innovation through rapid solution delivery and the development of sustainable open innovation programs.

Our network of Solvers is experienced, educated and diverse. They are able to tackle tough problems big and small, from forecasting the spread of deadly diseases to developing seals for metal cylinders experiencing repetitive impact. The possibilities for Solver creativity and solutions are endless. With our methodology, you then get the seamless transfer or licensing of any intellectual property to accelerate getting your innovations to market.

Our comprehensive offering allows you to both tap our external Solvers and better harness the intelligence of your internal crowd in the search for solutions.

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