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Spend Matters 50/50: Intenda – A Provider to Watch in 2015

Spend Matters Almanac We first came across Intenda some five years ago, when it started making an impact in the UK public sector, with contracts for providing e-auctions for the Ministry of Defense, and for large collaborative buying organizations in health and local government. Its UK operation, based north of London, in Welwyn Garden City, includes sales, management and some development, but its main development center is in South Africa, where the firm was founded. While the firm has expanded since then, in scope and geography, it is still most successful in its home country, where its holds major contracts in the public and private sectors. Over recent years, the capability in sourcing, contract management and spend analytics has grown out into a full source-to-pay, cloud-based platform, but unlike many competitors, its ability to tailor solutions to customer requirements quickly and effectively explains its presence in our list. As the company itself says: "Intenda takes a holistic approach to application development through combining globally renowned building blocks and toolsets with our own metadata application development platform. This capability delivers unique vertical market solutions for our clients and partners in record time." We have been impressed by the platform, and organizations that like the idea of having a solution able to be tailored to meet their own needs should consider Intenda for source to pay or indeed its component solutions. The firm has also launched fraXses, a big data analytics solutions that "delivers Self-service business intelligence that enables business users to access and work with their corporate information without the IT department’s involvement." The self-service approach lets end users create personalized reports and analytical queries. We have not reported on fraXses in detail yet, but we understand it is getting traction in the market — not by any means just in the procurement world.
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