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Ivalua is a global provider of spend management solutions and a leader in Gartner’s 2015 Strategic Sourcing Magic Quadrant. Ivalua’s cloud-based software is used by procurement and finance organizations in large, global companies, and every day more than 500,000 users and millions of suppliers from over 70 countries log into the Ivalua platform.

Ivalua offers a single platform solution with highly configurable functionality across all major procurement and finance processes, including performance and risk tracking, sourcing, contracts, procure to pay, invoice automation and analytics. The breadth and flexibility of Ivalua’s offering accelerates user adoption, spend category coverage and bottom-line savings.

Agility and Flexibility
Since our founding in 2000, our customers have valued Ivalua’s extremely configurable features and unmatched flexibility in the way a broad suite of spend management modules can be assembled to meet very specific needs and industries

Easy to Use
Users have quick access to essential features with clean design comparable to the best consumer website

We are so confident of our software and ability to bring value that we offer an easy way to get started testing our solution in live conditions. Contact us today at sales@ivalua.com to request an Ivalua demonstration or to get started with a Proof of Concept trial subscription configured to support selected use cases.

We look forward to working with you!

Spend Matters 50/50: Ivalua – A Provider to Know in 2015

100 companies - 100 days Ivalua is a unique suite provider in the procurement technology market – but in more ways than one. From a solution perspective, on the one hand, Ivalua is the natural heir apparent to Ariba Buyer in the procure-to-pay sector. Here, the provider brings a level of SaaS-based suite configurability that is sufficient to replace customized CD e-procurement implementations in all but the most complex of scenarios. But on the other modular hand, Ivalua also brings broader, and sometimes esoteric, suite depth in such areas as project and program management – in addition to sourcing, contract management, supplier management and other areas. Ivalua is a provider to consider:
  • For organizations that are looking to replace installed procurement software implementations with a cloud/SaaS model without sacrificing the flexibility gained from customization, Ivalua brings a distinctive set of capabilities that are likely to be a fit, as well as the flexibility for single tenancy and the ability to rollout updates and new capabilities as desired, not necessarily just “as pushed.”
  • When an organization is looking to extend the capability of a source-to-pay suite to extend the influence of indirect procurement into direct materials and CAPEX areas
  • For companies that are not looking for the in-the-box cloud solution that meets the proverbial 80% of source-to-pay requirements through particular approaches and best practices, but want to mirror perceived (actual or required) complexity unique to their own organization or highly specific industry or collaborative requirements with internal stakeholders and suppliers.
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