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Koble is a B2B matchmaking app. We help professional buyers of large companies and SME suppliers to meet, start relationships & communicate.

  • Supplier Management: Dozens of Markets in One (Market Introduction) [PRO]
  • So You Want to Build a B2B Marketplace: 8 Business Scenarios & Case Examples (Part 2) [PRO]
  • Goodbye From Me – Or Is It Au Revoir?*
  • Trade Wars, China Hack and Fast Fashion Put Reshoring of Jobs in Spotlight
  • Competition Is Good – Just Watch “The Bodyguard” To See Why
  • Supply Base Rationalisation – Five Potential Negatives
  • Koble Signs Huge Deal With Xpand In Asia For Procurement Matchmaking Tool
  • Koble Questionnaire – Are You A Dinosaur? or A Forward Thinker?