Periscope Holdings

816 N Congress, Suite 1400 | Austin, TX | 787301 United States
Provides solutions and/or services in the following categories:
  • BravoSolution & Puridiom Acquisition First Take: SWOT Analysis, Customer, Partner & Competitive Considerations [PRO]
  • Verian-Basware Deal Analysis: Competitive and Customer Implications [PRO]
  • Market Forecast, Sizing, Adoption and Growth Scenarios: E-Procurement Market Outlook 2016-2018 (Part 3) [PRO]
  • SciQuest: The New Suite Dimension That Puts the Supplier First [PRO]
  • Best of Spend Matters Network – Week of Dec. 15 [Plus+]
  • 2015 procurement predictions continue + happy holidays from Spend Matters US
  • Exploring Periscope Holdings’ Acquisition of BidSync
  • Periscope Holdings (BuySpeed) Acquires BidSync – Background and Vendor Analysis [PRO]