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Based on MIT research, Sourcemap offers the most advanced supply chain data modeling and visualization software solutions powered by a real-time data mining API and a vast supplier social network. Leading brands and manufacturers use Sourcemap’s private cloud-based solution to manage their own supply chain mapping: uploading enterprise data, inviting suppliers and sub-suppliers, performing advanced analytics, and exporting visually stunning reports. Sourcemap uses a proprietary NoSQL database structure to map multi-tier supply chains with unlimited customer-defined attributes such as performance, risk, and compliance. Data is modeled automatically to each company’s specific corporate structure, product portfolio, even processes and bath/lot/serial number traceability. Sourcemap is widely used in the food and agriculture, apparel and textile, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Sourcemap powers the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index, a social and environmental impact assessment hub used by over 7,000 factories worldwide and 250 retailers and brands including Walmart, H & M, Nike and the Gap. Sourcemap also hosts the world’s only supply chain transparency platform,, which is used by thousands of registered members and brands. Sourcemap is powering the transition of supply chain data from static, relational databases into the future of real-time tracking and analytics across the end-to-end supply chain. Learn more at

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